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Friday, 8 February 2013

Review... Awaken to Pleasure - Nalini Singh

Awaken to Pleasure - Nalini Singh
Mills & Boon Desire
(ebook reissue)

My rating 

This book started off good but quick became contrived and cliché-ridden. Elements of this book had the potential to be incredibly emotional and add really depth to the story, but instead the author just skims the surface and the issues raised just seemed to resolve rather too easily.

Nice descriptive writing, although taken (in my opinion) a little too far with the physical description of the hero. He ended up sounding like some hulking-great, thick-necked, pulsing-veins WWE wrestler - not the toned sort-of sexy kind either!

Found myself rolling my eyes throughout a lot of the book too. Shame, as this could have been so much more.