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Thursday, 20 October 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #201

Dante's Stolen Wife - Day LeClaire
Silhouette Desire
Silhouette Books, 2008
ISBN: 9780373768707

N.B. The above details relate to the North American release of this book.

My rating

From the back cover:

"They called it The Inferno—the all-consuming desire that scorched a man just once in a lifetime.
Millionaire Marco Dante felt its flames the moment he set eyes on Caitlyn Vaughn. Nothing could keep him from having her—not even her engagement to his twin brother! So he posed as her true fiancé, stealing her away for a rushed wedding and a breathtaking honeymoon. But then he had to face his new bride when she discovered his masquerade—and somehow find a way to turn her blazing fury back into white-hot passion..."

This is a book I bought back in may while I was in NYC, and I found it in a used books store.

The hero Marco is instantly drawn to the heroine Caitlyn when they first meet, he feels such a strong reaction towards her that he believes he has experienced an old family legend know as 'The Inferno', and knows that he and Caitlyn belong together. However Caitlyn believes Marco to be his twin brother Lazz, and when Lazz meets Caitlyn he also wants her so contrives to keep Marco and Caitlyn apart. Six weeks later Marco has realised what Lazz has been doing and knows he has to act fast to claim Caitlyn as his before Lazz gets a chance to propose. Posing as his brother he meets with Caitlyn and whisks her away. Caitlyn is glad that the intense passion she felt towards Lazz that first time they met has returned and does not realise that it is Marco until after they are married and shared a night of intense passion. She is devastated when she realises the truth, and finds the whole idea of 'The Inferno' very hard to believe. Yet she does realise that what she has with Marco is nothing like what she had with Lazz, and agrees to think about giving their marriage a chance.

I really enjoyed this book, it has a very interesting and original plot. The connection and chemistry between the hero and heroine is sizzling. And speaking of the hero, oh, he is wonderful! So romantic and tender, yeah he did a bit of a shitty thing in tricking the heroine, but they way he treated her and their relationship is lovely. It makes a really refreshing change to have a heroine whom is logical and sensible and the hero being the one that is more romantic and open to love.
The plot line of the hero stealing his twin's fiancée as he wants her so much is brilliant and well executed by the author. This works fine on it's own and I kinda wish the whole 'Inferno' idea wasn't included as it took the book in a paranormal direction, which just isn't my thing.
But I can overlook this as the love-story is simply wonderful.


365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #200

Best Laid Plans - Rosemary Schneider
Mills & Boon Romance
Mills & Boon, 1985
ISBN: 9780263752830

My rating

From the back cover:

"Well-brought-up ladies from Boston don't have too many options open to them, and Kathryn was resigned to the idea that she ought to make a 'sensible' marriage. But she wanted one final fling before she settled down! So she went on holiday in the sun - alone - and met Nick Varganin, who was disturbingly like every fantasy hero she'd ever dreamed of. After that, Kathryn planned to go home and become a comfortable wife - she had not bargained for the fact that Nick was very real, and quite capable of overturning her well-laid plans!"

I'm going through a phase of reading older books at the moment. The painted covers on these books are brilliant, don't you think the man is wearing a rather fetching corduroy jacket...!

The heroine Kathryn is shocked to arrive home one day and find the her Nick waiting for her. Kathryn and Nick met a few weeks back on holiday and ended up having a fling. When Kathryn returned home she was proposed to by a friend and agreed as she is in her thirties and wants to settle down and have children. She was not expecting Nick to turn and throw a spanner in the works. Nick makes it clear that he still wants her and at first he does not believe her about the engagement. Kathryn struggled with her feelings towards Nick and begins to realise that she can't go through with her engagement. She resigns her life to singledom, as Nick made it clear while they were together the first time that he is not looking for commitment. But Kathryn is over the moon when she discovers she is pregnant, although when Nick finds out he reacts badly thinking Kathryn is trying to trap him. Katheryn makes it clear to him that she doesn't want anything from him, and they begin spending more time together to see if they can build a relationship.

I really enjoyed this book. It's really well written with great chemistry between the hero and heroine, and quite an original plot. I liked that the heroine is different to the normal Harlequin/Mills & Boon style (especially of the era this book was written in): she's in her mid thirties and happy with being single, as well as her rich 'Brahmin' status. The relationship between the hero and heroine develops wonderfully, it really feels like a journey and that makes the ending very satisfying. It is a wonderful romance, and one that could easily have been released in the last few years and still hold up to modern standards!

Very enjoyable.


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #199

A Promise Kept - Annabel Murray
Mills & Boon Romance
Mills & Boon, 1987
ISBN: 9780263757378

My rating

From the back cover:

"Pippa really didn't want to visit Portugal to see her mother, even when requested to do so by the austerely disapproving Carlos de Alvarez. Abandoned precipitately by Inez thirteen years ago, Pippa felt under no obligation to comply!
So it was doubly unfortunate that Carlos was the only person besides her father who knew about Pippa's past. As Carlos had only half the facts, Pippa was sure she could hold her own against him, but the way he chose to use his knowledge was definitely a surprise..."

This is an oldie that I bought from a second hand book stall a while ago. Apologies for the cover image, I couldn't find a good image online so I had to photograph my copy. This cover makes me laugh - the house in the background is completely out of perspective and, as my husband pointed out, it looks like the man is eating the woman's hand! But I digress...

The hero Carlos is on his way to visit the heroine Pippa with a message from her mother. Pippa is not pleased to see Carlos, as she has never forgotten the hurt she felt when her mother walked out on her and her father back to her influential, and traditional, Portugese family, of which Carlos is the head of and very distantly related to her mother's side. She is also shocked to realise that Carlos is the man she met six years ago during a traumatic time in her life. When Pippa finds herself tricked into going to Portugal with her employer and has to face both Carlos and her mother she feels very confused. She is further hurt by her mothers callous attitude and by learning that her mother is trying to marry her off to Carlos, something she refuses. But she can't deny the attraction that is always between her and Carlos as they begin to get to know one another.

I enjoyed this book, it is certainly original and entertaining, if a tad far fetched at times! The writing flows wonderfully and is very descriptive, the interaction between the hero and heroine is well done, and there is plenty of sizzle, even for an older book. And, it was great that the hero's POV was included. My main issues with this book are that at times I found it a little confusing to follow and there are far too many secondary characters. Also, the events of the closing chapters take place over a period of nearly two years (the majority of the book took place over five weeks) and I feel it would have been better if those events began a lot earlier on in the book, as they are the most enjoyable.

Overall though, this is a very enjoyable book.


365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #198

The Wedding - Emma Darcy
Mills & Boon Romance
Mills & Boon, 1993
ISBN: 9780263782141

My rating

From the back cover:

"It was time out of time
First, Tessa discovered her fiance in bed with another woman. Then she arrived at work to discover she'd been assigned to go on a three-day conference with the managing director.
It would be a miracle if she didn't melt into a heap at his feet. If ever there was a man made for female fantasies, Blaize Callagan was it!
And if ever there was a time Tessa needed to indulge in fantasy, this was the time."

This review is going to be much more positive than the last one! This book is one that was recommended to me by someone on twitter in reply to my question about favourite Harlequin Presents/Mills & Boon Modern's.

The heroine Tessa is reeling after catching her fiancé in bed with another woman, when she is asked to go to a conference and act as secretary for the managing director of the company she works for - Blaize, the hero. At first Tessa is nervous around him, worried about doing something wrong, but she soon relaxes into the job. After the first day of tough negotiations Tessa and Blaize end up spending the night together, as well as the next night. Although Tessa enjoyed their brief fling, she refuses his offer of a continued affair. Even though she is glad her engagement is off, she knows she wants to settle down with a man she loves, and that's something she thinks Blaize will never give her. But Tessa is not able to forget about him and when she is left upset over her families reaction to her broken engagement she takes Blaize up on his offer, despite knowing that he will never give her forever.

This is a very entertaining book. And for one that was written nearly twenty years ago, it is quite daring and forward. I do like boss/secretary relationships even if they are a little clinched, and I think this is one of the best I have read. The chemistry between the hero and heroine sizzles; when they first got together she called him "Sir" and he called her by her surname, which is both kinda funny and a little bit naughty!
Both characters are well written and likeable, Tessa is a brilliant and modern heroine, she would be right at home in more recent books. No POV from hero though.

I enjoyed this book very much. The story line is interesting, with nice interaction between the characters and some genuinely funny moments.


365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #197

The Most Coveted Prize - Penny Jordan
Mills & Boon Modern
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263886924

My rating

From the back cover:

"His latest acquisition...
Russian oligarch Kiryl Androvonov has one rival: billionaire Vasilii Demidov. Luckily, Vasilii has an Achilles’ heel – his younger, over-protected half-sister Alena... Kiryl’s master plan is to seduce the tantalisingly beautiful Alena. Then, once he’s had his fill, use her to blackmail Vasilii for the contract that will complete his business empire.
It’s a winner-takes-all situation for the Russian tycoon, as Alena herself might well be the most coveted prize of all. Until she discovers just how ruthlessly Kiryl has been using her..."

Be warned, this is not going to be a pleasant review. I'll be honest and say that I was a little apprehensive about reading this book. While I am a big fan of Penny Jordan's older books, I have found her more recent ones rather difficult to read. But, since I adore this cover I though I would give it a go...

The hero Kiryl is desperate to land a business deal that will cement his status as a powerful businessman, something which he has been working towards ever since he was cruelly rejected as a child by his powerful father. When he learns that he is competing with an enormously powerful businessman Vasilii, Kiryl vows to do everything and anything he can to force Vasilii out of the deal. He discovers that Vasilii has a young sister Alena, the heroine, and decides to use her as his pawn. Alena has been sheltered for the majority of her life by her older brother and is overwhelmed by Kiryl's attentions. As she and Kiryl spend time together she falls in love with him and gives him all of her, blissfully happy and unaware of Kiryl's true reasons for pursuing her. Kiryl planned to seduce Alena and charm her into falling in love with him then to confront her brother with the threat of Alena losing her reputation. He is pleased that she has done exactly as he hoped, but also finds himself feeling a little too much for her. Yet, he continues on with his plan and goes to see Vasilii with his ultimatum, not knowing that Alena is witness to this and how much she is hurt.

I really don't like being negative about things, so before I go further with this I just want to say that this is my opinion and I understand that what *I* don't like, someone else may love.
So first of all - The plot of this book revolves around dirty tricks (dirty and unethical business tactics), which, quite frankly, is unacceptable for a 'hero' to do. You may think that I'm being a little silly by taking offence to this (after all, it's only a book!), but I don't see how I could relate to a book that includes something that is so duplicitous. This immediately made me have an intense dislike for both the book and the hero. The hero, by the way, is a bastard, there is no other way to describe him. And as for the heroine, she was bloody naive that it was almost unbelievable.
I found this book VERY difficult to read, I almost gave up on it twice. Not only is the plot and 'romance' totally unappealing, but the writing is also quite frustrating. There is so much internal monologuing that I was expecting the characters to start quoting a Shakespearean soliloquy, or something!
Overall, I have to be honest and say this is a very bad book and has left me thinking that I will no longer bother with Penny Jordan's newer books, as compared to her brilliant older books they are just awful.

Apologies for the diatribe.


365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #196

The Lost Wife - Maggie Cox
Mills & Boon Modern
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263886962

My rating

From the back cover:

"It was good to know he could still get a reaction from her, despite all the muddied water flowing under the bridge between them...
Ailsa’s heart is pounding – she’s totally unprepared for the impact of confronting Jake Larsen’s unforgettable features once more! The only difference is the cruel scar that sears her estranged husband’s cheekbone, somehow enhancing his effortlessly handsome looks and reminding Ailsa of the sorrow that separates them...
Jake had thought he’d be seeing Ailsa for a few minutes – not spending days snowbound in her house with her. But the longer he stays, the more the wife he once lost becomes a woman he’s determined to win..."

Another Modern! I seem to have read quite a few of Maggie Cox's books on this challenge, and I have to say that I find them a little hit and miss... this one, sadly, is a miss.

The heroine Alisa is waiting for her daughter to arrive back from a visit with her father, when Alisa's ex-husbands Jake, the hero, turns up. Jake has come to tell Alisa that their daughter wanted to remain with her grandmother for a little while longer. He is nervous about seeing Alisa as this is the first time they have been face-to-face since their divorce. When a storm forces Jake to remain at Alisa's they are both faced with having to spend time together, despite all the painful memories it brings back. Alisa has never truly gotten over the accident that caused the death of their unborn baby and their relationship to breakdown and being with Jake again brings everything to the surface, which is made worse by Jake's reluctance to talk about it. But it is clear that not only do Jake and Alisa still desire one another fiercely but they also still care for one another.

While this book is very emotional and wrought with tension, I found that it just fell a little short of it's potential. This is a second chance love story, which I am usually a fan of, however this one just didn't seem to work (for me). There's no doubt that the issues that the hero and heroine faced are very heartbreaking and also handled very well by the author. There is some fantastic chemistry between the characters and the majority of the story is well written. Yet, I found it boring at times and incredibly tedious as the hero and heroine kept arguing and rehashing the same thing over and over again.

An emotional emotion, but just a little bit flat.


365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #195

His Poor Little Rich Girl - Melanie Milburne
Mills & Book Modern
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263886870

My rating

From the back cover:

"'Sleeping rough not your thing any more, little rich girl?'
Alessandro Vallini once made the mistake of proposing to spoiled princess Rachel McCulloch. Her rejection scored his soul. But now the tables have turned: bad-boy-made-good Alessandro now holds Rachel's future in the palm of his hand! He needs a temporary housekeeper, and she needs money - it's a perfect opportunity to taunt her with what she turned down...
Riches-to-rags Rachel is very different from the glittering socialite Alessandro remembers. He's laid his trap - with himself as bait! - but who's catching who in this web of desire?"

I have been looking forward to reading this book for a while as I am a fan of Melanie Milburne's books.

The heroine Rachel is in Italy trying to get funding to launch her fashion label in Europe. However, when her plans fall through she suspects that Alessandro, the hero. might be behind it. Rachel and Alessandro go back a long way, but they have not spoken since Rachel turned down his proposal five years ago and got engaged to a man her father chose. Rachel has changed a lot over the last five years; after a disastrous engagement and her fathers fall from grace she is no longer the spoilt, superficial girl she once was. Alessandro finds this difficult to believe, but agrees to help her business on the condition that she act as his current partner at an upcoming meeting. All the resentment, betrayal and bottle up desire from five years ago comes bubbling up to the surface and it's not long before they give in to their desire. Rachel soon realises what a mistake she made letting Alessandro go five years ago, and with her growing feelings towards him she hopes that they can have a future. However Alessandro sees this as his perfect chance for revenge.

As usual from this author, this is a very passionate, intense, and emotional book. The writing is spectacular, it really draws you into the story. The characters are both fantastic. Alessandro is a brilliant 'self made' alpha male - this is something Melanie always excels at. I had a bit of an issue with Rachel, her moods seemed to swing almost constantly, and she came out as rather immature.
Another thing Melanie Milburne excels at is the revenge trope. And that is my main problem with this book - it's too similar to some of her other books (The Venadicci Marriage Vengeance, Bedded and Wedded for Revenge, The Greek's Bridal Bargain), it does put me off a little when some authors seem to stick to the same structure. And Melanie Milburne has proved that she can do a lot of variety in her books so I was a little disappointed with this one.
What saves this book is the wonderful flow of the story, some great chemistry between the hero and heroine, and the brilliant writing. Just wish it had been a little different...


Monday, 17 October 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #194

The Far Side of Paradise - Robyn Donald
Mills & Boon Modern
Harlequin Mills & Boon, 2011
ISBN: 9780263886399

My rating

From the back cover:

"Her awakening in paradise
Instead of the heartless seductress Cade Peredur expected, Taryns blue eyes reveal an innocent sweetness clouded by private mystery. Determined to gain her trust and find out the real story, Cade sweeps her away to the dreamy tropical island of Falaisi, and finds himself unprepared for the raw, passionate power of their steamy nights!
A disastrous engagement has left Taryn wary of men, but Cade stirs feelings shes never known before. However, when Cades identity is revealed, will Taryns paradise fantasy be washed away with the Pacific tides?"

It's another Modern, I'm afraid! this is one I found in my local library.

The hero Cade is desperate to find out the reasons why his foster brother committed suicide, and the only person who can give him answers is Taryn, the heroine. Taryn has just returned to her home country of New Zealand and is still feeling sad after the suicide of one of her friends. When she meets Cade, whom tells her he is there on holiday, she feels attracted to him but is also a little wary of him. Taryn was engaged when she was younger but it ended badly and has left her very cautious when it comes to men. Cade has come to New Zealand with the intention of getting Taryn to trust him in order to try and get her to reveal the truth, he does not tell her who he is, but he was not expecting to feel the intense attraction towards her. He offers Taryn some temporary work and takes her to the beautiful Polynesian islands where they begin to get to know one another. Taryn seems to be nothing like what he was expecting and they both soon find out that the desire between them cannot be ignored.

This is an enjoyable book. It is full of lots of sexual tension between the hero and heroine as well as some very emotional moments. The most beautiful part of this book is the wonderful descriptive quality of Robyn Donald's writing about the paradise setting. Which is great, but this is a romance...
I didn't really 'get' the hero's motivations. And having him blame Taryn for something when the actual reason was really obvious, well, as plot holes go that's a biggie! I liked the heroine, she is very likeable and down to earth, definitely the saviour of this book. I also liked the gradualness of the developing relationship, it was very satisfying to read.

Not perfect, but an enjoyable book.


365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #193

Once Touched, Never Forgotten - Natasha Tate
Mills & Boon Modern
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263886917

My rating

From the back cover:

"Too good to forget… Super-exec Stephen Whitfield and high-flying colleague Colette Huntington both understand the rules of their affair.
One: it will never be anything more than a fling.
Two: either can walk away at any time they wish...
Only Colette hasn’t counted on walking away pregnant.
And, to Stephen’s frustration, after Colette other women don’t seem to provide quite the same satisfaction. Now Stephen’s going to lay down some new rules – rules that will most definitely give him the opportunity to indulge his craving for Colette once more..."

This is second book by Natasha Tate, I loved her first one (review here) so I was pretty excited to read this one. And the cover is beautiful!

The heroine Colette and the hero Stephan are involved in a hot and heavy fling when Colette discovers she is pregnant. Stephan is part of an influential, and rather cruel, family and after over hearing some unflattering talk about her plus the fact that Stephan has always said he never wants children, Colette decides to break of their affair and leaves without word. Five years later and Stephan has just taken over the hotel in New York Colette works for. When he finds out she is an employee he is immediately reminded of the hurt he felt when Colette left, and even though he has tried he hasn't ever forgotten her. Colette is terrified when she learns that Stephan is her new boss, especially about what will happen if he finds out about their four year old daughter. When they meet again it is clear that they both still desire one another as much as before, Stephan decides to pursue her but is constantly left frustrated by Colette's rejections. However when Stephan finds out about his daughter, frustration turns to anger and he makes it clear he will claim both his daughter and Colette. But Colette is so unhappy knowing that although the passion between them is intense, Stephan will never love her and that's the one thing she wants.

This is a very passionate re-united lovers story, with a nice twist on the secret baby theme. I liked that it wasn't revealed too soon and there wasn't that 'one look at the child and instantly know it's his' thing, which is definitely a positive! I hate a cliché! The chemistry between the hero and heroine lights up the pages, and is there from the first to last page. I liked both characters, although Colette went on a bit but that is OK! Stephan is a brilliant hero; well developed with good reasons for his conflict and behaviour, perfectly alpha but not at all cruel , in fact his rather tender side really appealed to me.

Natasha Tate's writing flows beautifully, there is lots of sparkle and sexual tension with a well thought out story. Recommended.


Friday, 14 October 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #192

The Kanellis Scandal - Michelle Reid
Mills & Boon Modern
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263886849

My rating

From the back cover:

"'It is not always wise to make him angry...' ...but Anton Pallis is livid!
As the adopted son of the Kanellis patriarch, he's set to inherit the vast family fortune. Until it's revealed there's a true heir - in the rather appealing shape of Zoe Ellis.
Zoe's Greek heritage means nothing to her - and to be involved with the Kanellis dynasty is to be cursed with scandal! Except now it's pounding on her front door - or rather Anton is, in all his dark, chiselled glory. And she has no idea what he's going to do next..."

This one has been on my TBR pile for a while and I have been looking forward to reading it. I know it's 'another' Modern but they are like my reading security blanket!

The heroine Zoe is struggling with her grief over the recent sudden death of her beloved parents, having to care for her newborn baby brother, and the truth of her fathers influential family becoming known causing unwanted media attention. The hero Anton has always been like a son to Zoe's grandfather, especially after Zoe's father was cast out of the family over twenty years ago. When news about Zoe and her baby brother reaches her grandfather, Anton is forces into approaching her. When he arrives he is surprised by how determined Zoe is, as well as being fiercely attracted to her. He offers Zoe sanctuary from the unwanted attention, which she agrees to, and he takes her to his home in Greece. Zoe is aware that Anton appears to have ulterior motives and tries desperately to ignore the desire between them. Eventually though, they both lose control and when word gets out they find themselves being forced together and Zoe can't help but think that Anton is only using her.

This is a well written and very enjoyable book. It is very typical of Michelle Reid's style, and that is not a bad thing! There are moments in the book that I found a little difficult to read; there is quite a lot of anger and fighting between the hero and heroine at the beginning. And, while this initially helped to emphasise the sexual tension, after a while it got a little too vitriolic for my liking. I also found some of the actions of the hero a little questionable, his 'alphaness' was taken a little bit too far in my opinion. However, this a very gripping book and I read it quickly.

Not one of Michelle Reid's best, but enjoyable and worth a read.


365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #191

Nice Girls Finish Last - Natalie Anderson
Mills & Boon RIVA
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263883930

My rating

From the back cover:

"Once she was bad...
After one wild and heartbreaking affair in her past, Lena is now very, very good. She prides herself on her iron self-control - working for the hottest rugby team in New Zealand, it's all testosterone but no touching!
But he's tempting her to be wicked...
Spending day-in-day-out in the boys' locker rooms, Lena thinks she's immune to even the most honed set of abs. Then Seth saunters into her life, and suddenly her inner bad girl is back in the game..."

I have been looking forward to reading this latest offering by Natalie Anderson. I am a big fan of her books, and this is another fantastic one!

The heroine Lena is a hard working yet fun loving PR rep for one of New Zealand's best rugby teams. When the hero Seth finds her almost literally laughing her head off after a practical joke with the team, he is instantly drawn to her. Lena is also very attracted to Seth and would like nothing more that to give in to the desire between them, but is afraid of getting hurt again after her last car crash of a relationship. Over the last couple of years Lena has worked hard to put her mistakes behind her, and has stalwartly declined dates. But Seth proves temptation too strong and they spend a very passionate night together. Seth wants to continue seeing her for as long as their passion lasts, Lena tries to say no by eventually gives in. As they spend more and more time together they find that instead of their desire for one another waning, as expected, it only gets deeper. They both try to pull away from it, as they know that they can't ever have a future.

This is a fabulous book. It's full of wit, sass, eye popping passion, and some really fun moments, yet it is also very emotional and at times quite heartbreaking. Natalie Anderson's characters are always relatable and well developed and this is no exception for Seth and Lena. Lena's past is very daring of Natalie but done perfectly; what Lena had done should be something that is unforgivable but I couldn't help but like her! The way the relationship develops feels very natural and is satisfying to read.

As usual Natalie's writing sparkles with her usual blend of humour, fantastic dialogue, and sizzling chemistry. A charming and absorbing book. Recommended.


365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #190

Fiancée for One Night - Trish Morey
Mills & Boon Modern
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263886795

My rating

From the back cover:

"Old passions never die...
Leo Zamos persuades his virtual PA Eve Carmichael to act as his fake fiancee at a business dinner. Thinking he's never met her before, Leo assumes that Eve's appearance will be as neat and professional as the work she's so efficiently performed for him. But soon he realises how wrong he's been! With her soft curves, and lips that beg to be kissed, Eve is every bit as tempting as her namesake...
Eve has accepted Leo's commission reluctantly - how can she, a single mum, refuse the fee he's offering her? But will he recognise her as the girl he once briefly met and for whom he felt a simmering attraction?
When Eve sees Leo again, she knows that the one-evening masquerade she's signed up for is about to become a whole passionate night...in his bed..."

Back to another book from the Modern line...

The hero Leo is about to close a very important business deal, but needs to show one of the partners that he is a settles man. Leo has never wanted marriage or commitment after his traumatic childhood, so he asks his virtual PA Evelyn, the heroine, to act as his fake fiancée. Eve reluctantly agrees hoping that Leo does not recognise her from a moment a few years back when they almost spend the night together until Leo was called away on business. He does remember her, eventually, and they spend the night together and are both shocked by the level of their desire for one another. They agree it's only for one night. However when they are asked to go away with the business partners for more negotiations they agree to make the most of their time together. Eve is afraid of getting hurt again but the more time she and Leo spend together the deeper her feelings for him become. Leo's feelings for Even also grow, but he fears he will hurt her so he has no choice but to push her away.

This is an enjoyable read. Both characters are interesting and well developed. Leo is an intriguing hero,; very dark at times and nice at others, he walked a fine line between niceness and selfishness. Eve is a great heroine, very smart and confident as well as caring, just what you want from the modern day heroine. I really liked the virtual PA idea and the businessman who is always travelling so he has no home idea, they are both nice twists on the usual office romance boss/PA theme.
As expected, Trish Morey's writing flows beautifully and the chemistry between her characters literally sizzles.

A quick and enjoyable read.