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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Welcome to Planet Apple...

I have been quiet on the writing and blogging front recently. There has been a couple of reasons for this. Mainly day job based, but also because my faithful laptop was on it's last legs and I was struggling to get use out of it.

On the days it decided to turn on at all, it took about 10 mins to do so, and trying to work over the loud constant buzzing it emitted was frustrating to say the least. And the most difficult part was that I couldn't type for long periods of time as one side of the keyboard would overheat to rather uncomfortable levels. As you can probably understand, I can't really write if I can't type (apart from pen to paper, of course!)

So I had a big decision on my hands... did I a) go and get myself a replacement laptop, knowing that probably in 3-4 years time I would go through the same thing, or perhaps b) get a PC desktop, a fairly decent one, with it's rather cumbersome-even-in-2014 tower, or did I go for the option that had been whispering it's way through my blood for the last few years... c) go all out and finally, FINALLY, get an iMac that I have always wanted.

It was a tough decision... and iMac was undoubtedly the favourite option. BUT, they are not the kind of this I can go out and purchase willynilly. They are expensive, so I could only justify the cost if it is something I will use enough to make it worth it, and will it have a longer shelf life than I have ever had a normal laptop last for. Also after years of being a PC user, I last used a Mac at university and that was only for design based programs (which was 12 whole years ago, would you believe!) would I be able to switch over to using a Mac or would it take a lot of adjustments.

Isn't it pretty!

I ummed, I uhhhed, spoke to a few people about it. (One person was so very against getting a Mac and that PC's are the only way to go that it only made me want a one even more! I don't give a damn if you can update the insides of a PC and not a Mac, that's not how I roll!) and eventually settled on my hearts desire and bought it. After a little fiasco regarding getting the item delivered, which I'm not going to go into as it just makes my blood boil and those of you whole follow me on twitter might remember my little drama, I now have a gorgeous computer that works.

And it's an iMac, yo!

Now, I know what you're probably thinking... does getting a new computer warrant and entire blog post?! Well, in my rather boring life, yes it does! It's a shiny new toy and very exciting. It also means I have the (working) tools to try and make a go out of getting published. Maybe now that I have something inspiring to write on, I might , ya know, be more inspired to write. For that, only time will tell, but in the last week I have managed 3000 words... and that is more than I have managed in the last few months combined!

Going forward I've got a few kinks to try and iron out... Basic things like how the hell do I copy and paste on this thing? and Where on earth do I save something? I have sort of managed to work out!
My current issue is whether or not to purchase Microsoft Office or just stick with the in-built pages app, which to be honest so far I am not getting along with that well.

Any advice on decent Word Processing and Spreadsheet programs I should/could use would be greatly appreciated?

Also, other useful app recommendations? What is all the fuss about linking iPhone via cloud? etc...

Anyway, that's enough about my shiny new Mac for now, watch this space for some more updates and blog posts soon....

Pete's not sure what all the fuss is about... and why do I sit at the desk instead of paying him attention?!