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Tuesday, 2 October 2012


The Harlequin and Mills & Boon joint writing contest is well under way now, with pitches and first chapters submitted and voting has begun. 

I have not entered this year, the MS I wanted to enter just isn't ready it needs some drastic edits and there has been so much else going on that I haven't really given it the devotion it deserves. Not to mention that I missed the first week of all the SYTYCW fun suffering from the worst flu I have ever had...

But that doesn't mean that I haven't been enjoying the competition, especially getting to read some of the entries. There are a LOT of good ones (and some not so good!). 

I have read a few, mainly sticking to my twitter friends entries as it's great to support one another on our writing journey, I'm sure they would do the same if I had entered. But I have read a few others too. 

The voting started today, 1 vote per day until 11th October and here are my favourites that I will definitely be voting for...

Once a Bad Girl - Jane O'Reilly 
Fabulous heroine and a fun and quirky writing style. When the hero and heroine meet there is instant sizzle!

Maid by Day - Jennifer Satterfield
Great set-up, I desperately want to find out more about the heroine. Well written dialogue.

One Kiss or Two - Jessica Thompson
Nice set up, lots and lots of chemistry between the hero and heroine! I loved Minty from her first incarnation in last years New Voices, new and improved in this one and still as instantly loveable.

Also enjoyed

The Midwife's Reluctant Family - Joanne Cleary

The Divorce Party - Jennifer Drogell

Urgent: One Nanny Required - Sophie Rodger

I can't wait to find out which ones get chosen to submit a full story. There are so many of them that its impossible to read them all, as much as I would like to try! It's an achievement in itself just to enter the competition, its not easy to put your work out there for everyone to judge.

Anyway, good luck to all the entrants.



  1. Nice selection. These are in my top picks as well.

  2. Please check out my entry if you have a chance!
    Thank you!

  3. http://www.soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com/manuscripts/summers-treasures/ is a Desire entry check it out!

  4. Great post and thank you for the mention!! I so appreciate it! It's so hard without feedback. These are definitely some of my favs! Hope you get your WIP in great shape and are feeling better! See you next year :)

  5. Thanks for the recommendations. It was a bit intimidating to try to read through so many, so I appreciate the culling!

  6. Have you read any of the Intrigue submissions? try Trapped by Claire Corum.

  7. First time entering. Historical. Gypsy magic, seeing eye ponies, mystery, deception and love everlasting. http://www.soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com/manuscripts/through-gypsy-eyes/

    BTW, I enjoyed cruising your blog!

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments and for stopping by my blog.

    I will try to get to the links for your entries to SYTYCW as soon as I can. But in the meantime, good luck :-)


  9. I really enjoyed those! There are so many good entries, I'm hoping a list gets released of the 28 who make it through. Mine is a Regency historical, but I love reading the Sweet line ones as well.

  10. That's pretty much my short list as well.

  11. Hey -- please check out