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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Roman Holiday...

I know it has been, like, ages since I last posted. Been busy at work and home etc, although thats no excuse really, and I'll save the really boring stuff for another time.

For now, let's talk about fun stuff. I have recently returned from a wonderful 4 day break in the Eternal City... That is Rome, of course. And it was beautiful.

Day One

Roma Termini - a seriously large train station!
We left on Sunday, which was also our 3rd wedding anniversary (seriously, THREE whole years!) and after an uncomfortable flight - I am NEVER flying easyjet again, never - we bundled on the Leonardo Express train to beautiful Roma.
Fountain at Piazza della Repubblica
A short walk (although not so short for Richard as I made him carry my bag!) later we arrived at our hotel for a rest and then on to some serious sightseeing!

From the hotel we decided to walk up to the Spanish Steps first.
I didn't realise it would be quite so hilly!

At the top of the Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps - truly beautiful

There is a lot of tourists!

From the Spanish Steps we carried on walking down until we arrived at the Trevi Fountain. It is absolutely stunning - but the sheer amount of tourists can make it a bit of a squash. We learnt to be a little more pushy in order to be able to see things!

Afterwards we walked back to the hotel area and found a restaurant to have dinner. I don't consider myself a foodie but in Rome the food is amazing!

Day Two

We planned to spend the whole day at the Vatican so off we went on the Metro. Aside from the really frustratingly persistent reps trying to sell you guided tours (literally tons of them, and they don't leave you alone) the walk towards the walled Vatican felt very exciting.
Piazza San Pietro

 We went to St Peter's Square before doing anything else. It is simply magnificent. So grand and alluring.
 Inside St. Peter's Basilica it ramps up the grand even more. Every square inch is covered in gilding, or moulding, carving, sculpture etc! And so very vast.
Main hall of Basilica di San Pietro

Many, many chairs in St. Peter's Square

Wall surrounding Vatican City

After St. Peter's and a much needed toilet break, we went off to the Vatican Museums. There was a bit of a queue for the Museum, it was rather hot and those pesky reps were hassling again. But, we're British, queuing is one thing we're good at! Besides it was only for about 10 mins.

Bronze sculpture inside Vatican Museums

He seems to be missing, er, something! Ha!

I really couldn't begin to describe the sheer amount of things to see in the Vatican Museum - it is mind boggling!
The size aswell - it is absolutely huge! And if you simply want to go the the Sistine Chapel be prepared for a long walk!
Beautiful view across Rome from the Vatican Museum

This is not mouldings it painted to look three-dimensional!

The ceilings are stunning. Beautiful frescos and mouldings. All very lavish!

Unfortunately, photographs are not allowed to be taken inside the Sistine Chapel. It is simply stunning. Although to be honest, I was rather surprised just how small some of the really well known Michelangelo frescos were! But nothing compares to having seen it with my own eyes, something I will never forget.

My favourite part of the Vatican Museums - Spiral Staircase

By the end of the day my mind was so overwhelmed with everything we had seen, and my feet worn down to stumps from all the walking!
Ha! I couldn't resist taking a photo!

Day Three

The Colosseum and the Forums was our plan for the day. And it was a hot one!
Coming out of the Metro station it was a very strange experience to just suddenly be in front of this amazing building. And with is being surrounded by a main road only adds to it's awe.

We went to see Palatine Hill and the Roman Forums before the Colosseum.

Walking around all those ruins where ancient Rome was founded is wonderful. Almost too much to see and take in.

Roman Forums

One of my favourite photo's I took!

It was incredibly hot that day! My hair parting got sunburnt!

I love this photo! 

Horse's bum!

Inside the Colosseum - stunning!


Trevi Fountain at night - I don't know that lady she just
accidentally got in my photo!

 After the all that we went back to the hotel for a rest and then ventured out for a walk to find a restaurant for dinner and a trip to see the Trevi Fountain at night. Which is just as beautiful (and busy) at night!

Day Four

We need more Nuns casually walking around in the UK!
Inside the Pantheon
 Our last day we planned to spend walking around and seeing the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. And just generally seeing what was left of Rome.

The Pantheon

The amazing dome of the Pantheon

The only piece of modern architecture I found!

One last trip to the Spanish Steps!

Our bags are packed.

Leaving Rome...

And that is it, our trip to Rome... Exhausting but brilliant!