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Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Santina Crown... Princess From The Shadows - Maisey Yates

Princess From The Shadows - Maisey Yates
Mills & Boon Modern Special Releases
Harlequin UK, 2012
ISBN: 9780263897692

My rating

From the back cover:

"Santina Secret Baby Scandal! 
Santina’s royal palace officials were tight-lipped about claims that Prince Rodriguez Anguiano was jilted by his fiancée. But it seems the prince did not leave Santina empty-handed after all – he’s taking with him one reluctant bride! 
Princess Carlotta Santina has been living out of the spotlight and under a cloud ever since a certain event. Now, finally fulfilling her role of dutiful royal, she’s arriving at Rodriguez’s Spanish palace in preparation for their forthcoming nuptials… Perhaps the prince should get some new advisors because he’s about to discover that his blushing bride comes with an unexpected bonus"

The hero of this book is an out and out rogue/playboy right to the core. I didn't think I would like him- I didn't want to like him in fact -but I couldn't help it, I did! And that is mainly down to the strength of the writing, in particular the characterisation.

This is a story that is wholly centred around it's characters and really gives us, the reader, a chance to feel everything they are feeling and experience their journey with them. Both the hero and heroine have "issues" but through the course of the story they actually deal with them together and that is very satisfying to read. 

Maisey Yates's voice is modern and forward-thinking and that shines through in this book. Stripped down this is a marriage of convenience trope, but Maisey doesn't stick too rigidly to her theme and therefore the story didn't feel weighed down by lots of unnecessary external conflict and clichés,. 

The relationship and love between the hero and heroine develops beautifully and the characters are able to grow and move on in a believable way. There is plenty of passion involved too! 

Really enjoyable.


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