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Sunday, 4 August 2013

(Modern) Tempted by the...

Last week, in my few free moments between some work-induced stress, I received an email from the lovely Flo (editor extraordinaire of Mills & Boon) inviting me to be part of the launch of a new fantastic series from Mills & Boon.

It's called Modern Tempted and it promises to be fresh and flirty. The official word is...

"Modern Tempted is all about delivering the intense romance people expect from Mills & Boon, but with a contemporary edge - think friends-with-benefits, one-night stands, and holiday flings! Our stories sizzle with chemistry, and offer a playful, lively take on romance, for the 21st century reader who likes her stories hot!

... each story guarenteeing sassy, sexy writing from some of the most talented authors around, including Mills & Boon superstars Kelly Hunter, Mira Lyn Kelly, Heidi Rice, Natalie Anderson and Liz Fielding. You're truly spoilt for choice with these lot!"

For those of you, like me, who have missed the hot, sassy stories that the old RIVA line used to deliver, but not so much missing the sweeter ones, then this new series should fill that book-shaped hole!

My first impression of the covers are that they are very similar to the Modern series, which is like a nice, warm security blanket. It's familiar, and brings with it a certain level of expectation about the kind of stories we will be getting - you know the ones, steamy, full of alpha-males, glamorous, etc. Yet the covers have a bit more 'pop' and colour than the standard Modern's do, so while I want those intense stories that the Modern line is so good at delivering I also want a bit of freshness and fun. The covers do a nice job of building up my anticipation.

I can't wait to get stuck in to the first of the four launch books for the series... 

I just can't decide which one to go for first....

For more fun stuff relating to the Modern Tempted line use the #moderntempted on twitter and visit the Mills & Boon facebook page.

Let me know what you think about this new series and watch this space for reviews coming soon...


With thanks to Flo and the Modern Tempted team at Romance HQ.

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