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Friday, 11 February 2011

Weekly goings on ...

This is the first in what I hope to be weekly updates on anything that I have been doing, stuff I have planned, thoughts etc etc.

I have to admit I am a long time blog wannabe writer, I have tried many different types in the past and never managed to keep up to date with them. I'm hoping with this one that if I schedule a weekly posting in my diary then, hopefully, I should be able to keep with it!

One of the main things that has kept me occupied this week is my diet, but I'm not going to type anything else about that as I have done separate posts for that.

Last weekend my husband and I booked a holiday to New York City at the end of April, and that is pretty exciting! This will be our fourth trip to NYC and it's still just as exciting. I'm currently planning on things to do while we are there, this time we hope to spend a lot of time going to the many museums and galleries in NYC, we are self confessed culture freaks! Lol! We got married in NYC in May last year, so this trip is for our anniversary! Exciting stuff.

I'm currently reading quite a few books, I'm still enjoying the light hearted romance novel variety! There are so many people who disregard them but to be honest, they are solidly structured and well written books that can take you away from life for a good couple of hours, and that's what a book should be about right!?

That's about everything for the moment.


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