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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Meet the Pete...

So, it has been a while (a rather long while) since I last blogged and for that I feel rather ashamed. Although not sorry. You see, I have a reason for it.

And that reason is this little man who came to live with me and the husband in December...

His name is Pete and he's a very energetic little Jack Russell now 4 months old. 

He has truly changed my life. I adore taking him out for long walks (something which has helped me lose quite a bit of weight, along with diet of course!) and having a little thing to take care of and come home to instead of an empty house and work stress.

Of course certain things aren't the best, there is the toilet training but that seems to have been cracked, with the exception of a few 'protest' moments, and the puppy biting, which we're still working on, the total lack of being able to do anything that doesn't revolve around Pete is also draining... but I love him!!

Here's some of Pete's best bits from the day he arrived all tiny to now...


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