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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Back in the New York groove...

Hello, hello, hello!

Well what a whirlwind it has been since I last posted, which was far far too long ago, lots going on but most of it boring so I'll bullet point it

  • Crappy day job
  • Puppy time
  • weight loss
  • crappy day job
  • family issues
  • crappy day job
Get the idea?! It's not been an easy few months that's for sure. But... things are getting back on track now. For one I have changed my hours back to part time, my work was consuming my life and that has never been what I have wanted out of a job/career, so I made the decision to step down and cut back to get my life back. Now I have more time to spend with Pete the puppy (yay!!) and the husband of course, more time to spend sewing and doing stuff I like, and more time to spend on reading and writing - two things I love. Believe me, I have missed this blog.

I have also recently returned from a fantastic holiday to my favourite place in the whole world... New York City. There is nothing quite like walking round the city that is so full of life of all types to really bring back your joie de vivre. Everything about this city is so raw and honest that it brought the life out of me again. I loved it. Did lots of shopping, sightseeing, walking, eating, etc!

So, to sum up... I'm back!! I've got lots of blog posts and book reviews coming up soon so watch this space.

Good to see you all again. 

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