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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #24

The Heir from Nowhere - Trish Morey
Mills and Boon Modern
Harlequin Mills and Boon, 2011
ISBN: 9780263886429

My rating

From the back cover:

"You don't know me, but I'm having your baby.
Dominic Pirelli's carefully ordered world falls apart when a female stranger phones with staggering news: an IVF mix-up means she is carrying the baby that he and his late wife dreamed of having! Though he distrusts her motives, Dominic is determined to keep waif-like Angelina Cameron close. Taking her to his luxury home, reluctantly the hardened tycoon begins to admire Angie's strength and gentle beauty as her body swells with the precious life inside her. But when their baby is born, who will have custody of the Pirelli heir?"

When I started reading this I immediately thought "uh-oh, another IVF mix up this is going to be like the Maisey Yates book I have recently read". But, the IVF mix up aside, this is a very different book and a very enjoyable one at that!

The female character Angelina has just discovered that the baby she is carrying from her recent IVF treatment is actually the baby of the male character Dominic and his late wife, after a mix up at the IVF clinic caused the wrong embryo to be implanted. Angelina has been through a rough time recently, her husband was unhappy with the results of the mix up and wanted her to abort the baby, after she refused she found out he was having an affair and is now in the process of a divorce with her husband leaving her with almost nothing and trying to take the house her mother left her.
Angelina knows that she doesn't have the resources to bring up the baby herself and wants to selflessly give the baby to it's rightful parents. Dominic is suspicious of Angelina, as he is a very rich man he can't see why she wouldn't want something out of him. He moves Angelina into his home in order to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't change her mind about giving up the baby.

I really liked this book, it's very emotional and the love that develops between Angelina and Dominic is beautifully crafted. I really liked how Trish Morey wrote Angelina to be a really honest and genuine character; she knows she doesn't have a lot and doesn't have any delusions of grandeur relating to her life, she simply wants to live a normal life in her normal working class neighbourhood. Dominic is also a well written character with complex issues. His distrust of Angelina is constantly tested by Angelina's selfless behaviour and he really goes on a journey of self discovery in order to trust and realise his love for her.

A great book!


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