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Monday, 11 April 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #32

Dream Weaver - Jenna Ryan
Mills and Boon Intrigue
Harlequin Mills and Boon, 2007
ISBN: 9780263857320

My rating

From the back cover:

"Someone was watching Dr Meliana Maynard's every move...
First there were the single white roses. In her home, her office, her car. Then the notes came...and the nightmare began. Meliana was in trouble - and now the only man who could protect her was her estranged husband, ex-FBI agent Johnny Grand.But uncovering the identity of a shadowy stalker seemed less frightening than facing the feelings provoked by the one man she'd never stopped loving.
Meliana would stand strong against her pursuer, but with Johnny...she'd surely buckle the minute he held her in his arms."

Another low rating book I'm afraid. So once again, this is my opinion and if you liked this book then fantastic, unfortunately I didn't.

This is the story of Meliana and her husband Johnny, from whom she is currently separated. Johnny was undercover with the FBI for two years that messed up his mind, and afraid of his rage issues separated from Meliana. Meliana has recently started to find white roses in private places, she was also given a white dog, and some of her lingerie was stolen. She calls in her police friend to help her, and when Johnny finds out he comes back to help protect Meliana. The threats then turn nasty as Johnny and Meliana begin to reconnect, with the stalker threatening to kill both of them.

First of all, I guessed who the culprit was in the first 5 pages, and that's not an exaggeration! To me the Intrigue line should have lots of action, snatched moments of passion, and actual suspense, and when you can easily guess the culprit then it takes the suspense away. As for the other two things, well there wasn't really much in the way of action and the passion wasn't that great.
I thought that the whole stalker problem wasn't taken seriously, I mean if your being stalked would you really go to at least 2 parties and hold a party in your home? I don't think so! Yes, the characters in this book did these things. Meliana didn't think anything of random roses appearing or a dog with a note left outside of her house one evening, it was only when her lingerie was stolen that she thought about it, come one! Wouldn't you be freaked out by these things, I know I would. The characters were not developed enough and I just could not warm to them. I also found the story really dull.

I'll admit that I almost gave up reading this book, however I was eloquently informed by my husband that my challenge is to read 365books not like 365books, so I persevered and finished it!


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