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Thursday, 7 April 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #26

The Baby Swap Miracle - Caroline Anderson
Mills and Boon Cherish
Harlequin Mills and Boon, 2011
ISBN: 9780263888703

My rating

From the back cover:

"Through a twist of fate they found a family and each other!
Sam Hunter only intended to help his brother fulfil his dream of having children, but now, through an IVF mix-up, a complete stranger is pregnant with his child! To make matters worse, shes utterly gorgeous.
For warm-hearted widow Emelia Eastwood, this child was meant to be the final legacy of her husband. The hospitals discovery turns her world upside down. Sam begins to feel fiercely protective of his accidental family and soon he and Emelia discover that the twists and turns of fate can lead to a love they never expected."

Can you believe it, another book with an IVF mistake involved! Is there some epidemic of IVF mistakes happening that I have missed?! Anyway regardless this was another good book. Also I made an effort to read this as it's from the Cherish line and I know I have been reading a lot of Modern and Intrigue books recently.

The book begins with the heroine Emelia being informed that the baby she is carrying is not her late husbands after a mistake at the IVF clinic, instead she is carrying the hero Sam's baby. Sam was the sperm donor for his brother and sister-in-law's attempts to have a baby. During the IVF treatment all four of them became good friends. As if that is not enough heartache for Emelia she also has to face her in-laws turn their back on her and find out that they tricked both her and her late husband (while he was dying) into going through posthumous IVF treatment.
Due to all the upheaval she has been through with her husbands death of cancer and the IVF treatment Emelia has nowhere else to turn but to Sam. Sam was hurt deeply by a woman in his past and vows never to let a woman in his heart again, however he desperately wants to be part of his baby's life so asks Emelia to move in with him despite that he is very attracted to her.

This is a really sweet love story, however it is full of emotional upheavals, which really give depth to the story. I really felt for Emelia and how alone she felt after everything she has been through, yet she was a really warm and honestly written character that I instantly liked. Sam on the other hand was a little frustrating, he just could not let go of his past and I just wanted to scream at him to get over it! I liked how this story took place over a 4 month or so period as it really gave the feelings the two characters have for each other time to develop.

This story left me with a warm feeling all over, as you would expect from the Cherish line! Oh and it helped that it was set in Suffolk, that's my neck of the woods!


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