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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #71

Heartless Rebel - Lynn Raye Harris
Mills and Boon Modern Special Release
Harlequin Mills and Boon, 2011
ISBN: 9780263889673

My rating

From the back cover:

"Jack... Red-Hot. Renegade. Restless.
Notorious gambler Jack no longer gets a buzz from the risks, or the money, he takes at the card table. In fact it bores him. Until one night he wins more than he ever bargained for...
His prize is the stunning Cara Taylor - she might be down on her luck but she certainly doesn't need rescuing by a maverick card-shark like Jack! Now she's stuck with him she doesn't know whether to love him or loathe him. But, cut from the same pack, playing Jack at his own game is the most fun she's ever had!"

Moving on to the fifth book the BAD BLOOD series, and I couldn't wait to read this one, it was certainly worth it!

The heroine Cara is working as a croupier in a casino in the south of France, one night she is asked by her creepy boss to throw a high stakes poker game and in return she will get a significant bonus. Cara reluctantly agrees as she desperately needs the money to help her family, who are still struggling after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, at the last minute she can't go through with it and the winning hand goes to Jack, the hero. Jack realises what's going on when Cara is taken off the table and into a back room, he steps into help and ends up being beaten. Cara gets him out but she is angry for his actions, which have cost her her job. Jack offers to pay her to attend his brothers upcoming wedding with him, something he is not looking forward to , especially seeing Jacob again whom Jack is still angry with for running out on the family causing Jack to have to step in. They soon begin an affair, which they both know is only a short term thing, only when both of their feelings begin to grow Jack pulls further away.

Lynn Raye Harris is one of those authors with the ability to hook you in right from the very first sentence and this is exactly what she does in this book. I loved the whole opening scene with the high stakes poker game, it was jam packed with tension, enhanced by the regular change of character point of view that made it interesting and exciting. I almost choked on my drink with the amount of money being gambled, do people really gamble that much?!
I adored Jack's character, he was written with a very cool, almost bored attitude that really worked and his issues regarding his family and especially Jacob were believable. Cara was also a great character, she had integrity and was honest, especially in her dedication to helping her family but also being honest enough to admit she needed to get away and live her own life, I think this is very true to life and made her character very relatable.
The chemistry between the characters is nothing short of intense, the strip poker scene was so hot that if I wore glasses they would have steamed up!

The plot was fantastic and fast paced, with realistic characters, this is a great book on its own and a brilliant part of this series.

The book is out on general sale in the UK this month. In the US it will be released in November and will be called 'The Man with the Money' (LOVE that title!).



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