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Monday, 13 June 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #74

Lone Wolfe - Kate Hewitt
Mills and Boon Modern Special Release
Harlequin Mills and Boon, 2011
ISBN: 9780263889703

My rating

From the back cover:

"Jacob... Master. Untamed. Protector.
After years lying neglected, the walls of Wolfe Manor tremble as Jacob Wolfe returns - the master is back!
Gardener's daughter Mollie Parker has lived amidst the secret, overgrown garden in her little cottage - waiting... for what she wasn't sure, until now.
Reputation in tatters, Jacob licks his wounds alone in the shadows. Mollie knows his ferocious bark is worse than his bite and, as she takes her tentative steps across the threshold, she brings with her the light missing from his darkened soul. The lone Wolfe will never be tamed - but she knows that once he loves, he loves for life."

So, we're onto the eight and final book in the BAD BLOOD series. When I read the first book my first though was that Kate Hewitt must have got the Golden Ticket to be able to write Jacob's story, although I'm sure it wasn't an easy task! Well, I thought this book was perfection! Perfect story for Jacob, perfect ending to the series, perfect... well, you get the idea!

The book begins with the heroine Mollie arriving at Wolfe Manor, where she lives in the gardeners cottage, after a six month trip to Italy she took after he fathers death. When she gets to her cottage she discovers that the power has been switched off and is confronted by Jacob, the hero, who thinks she is an intruder. Jacob has been away from his childhood home for 20 years after he left haunted by events that led to him killing his evil father. He has returned to restore Wolfe Manor before moving on and also to make amends with his siblings he abandoned. He offers Mollie the chance to landscape the Manor, which she accepts. Mollie harbours resentment towards Jacob and how he left his family alone to deal with everything, and Jacob is still haunted by his past and rarely lets anyone close. Their interactions are tense and awkward, but as they slowly get to know one another they fall in love and ease the loneliness inside each other. However Jacob knows it can't last and still plans to move on.

As I have read all of the books in this series in order I already knew quite a bit about Jacob and his involvement in his siblings lives, and especially the events leading up to their fathers death. I knew his story would have to be powerful and I'm pleased that this is exactly what we got. The guilt and pain that Jacob carries around everyday saturates every page of this book and is written beautifully. I really liked reading how Jacob realised his feelings for Mollie early on, but it was his pain that held him back, not your typical commitment-phobic issues. Mollie is a great female character, I was expecting a quiet and nurturing type character and this is not at all what Mollie is like. Instead she was ballsy and strong, and a little judgemental at times, this was a pleasant surprise and made her character feel very real. Both of the characters are flawed and suffering, the relationship written for them developed beautifully and is believable. The story is very emotional and hard hitting, with thanks to some brilliant writing from Kate Hewitt.

Out of the whole BAD BLOOD series this has to be my favourite story (although my favourite Wolfe has to be Jack, oh so sexy!) but I have enjoyed all of the books so much. I cannot recommend the series enough, a definite must-read!

This book will be out on general sale in the UK in August. In the US it will be released in February 2012, same title!



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