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Thursday, 16 February 2012

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... Book #322

The Good, the Bad, and the Wild - Heidi Rice
Mills & Boon RIVA
Harlequin UK, 2012
ISBN: 9780263892963

My rating

From the back cover:

"One of the Good Guys? 
Nick Delisantro is famous – for scripts, for his looks, and above all for his ruthless bad-boy charm. Eva, on the other hand, has spent her life being an overlooked wallflower! Now she’s got to meet with Mr Tall, Dark and Brooding or her only chance of promotion is over… 
Nick can’t stop staring at the mysterious blushing girl who’s dressed like a vixen but frozen under his gaze like a rabbit in the headlights… He can’t wait to see what’s behind the innocent front! But Nick’s about to get far more than he’d bargained for – not only does Eva have the key to his secret past, but there’s nothing more dangerously addictive than a good girl going wild…"

The fabulous Heidi Rice kindly sent me a copy of this book - thank you so much, Heidi! I love the title of this book, and couldn't wait to read it...

The heroine Eva is nervously waiting for the hero Nick to arrive so she will finally be able to talk to him. Eva works for an ancestry research company, and has tracked down Nick as the grandson of a very important client. But as soon as Nick arrives and they see each other, all of Eva's planned introduction flies out of her head. Nick is more than a little intrigued by Eva, and they end up spending a very passionate night together. However, Nick throws her out the next morning after discovering the real reason she approached him. Eva is humiliated, heartbroken, and fired over her actions with Nick but a couple of weeks later learns that he has agreed to travel to Italy to meet his grandfather, providing she goes with him. Nick has no interest in actually getting to know his grandfather, or so he tries to tell himself, but he does want Eva, badly. Once in Italy though, Nick finds he is not so sure of himself and Eva notices, which quickly turns their red hot fling into much more.

I was really blown away by this book, it is amazing. There are so many different layers in this book that create such a maelstrom of moods. The hero and heroine fit together like, erm, well I can't think of a good analogy but you get the idea! For me this felt different from Heidi Rice's last couple of books, but it is just as brilliantly executed. There is less dialogue but this is replaced by brooding and angst that really works within the story. I felt the hero and heroine went on a journey - both individually and together - and that, for me, makes this such a riveting read.

This book sparkles with passion, emotion, and discovery. It has become my favourite of all Heidi's [fabulous] books!

A must-read!



  1. Well, after that review I'm certainly pleased I sent you a copy, missus!! Eva is my first virgin heroine and Nick is easily the baddest boy I've ever written (as well as much more brooding and, frankly, silent than my usual heroes) so it was a bit of a voyage of discovery for me writing this story. So I'm even more chuffed to bits that you liked it so much.

  2. Ah, this is the hero who refused to speak to you while you were trying to work out his story! Well, silent and brooding really works.

    And, yes! I really loved this story - so much so that I have corrected my typo's in this review!