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Friday, 10 February 2012

A very uncomfortable day...

I am sure any woman reading this will be able to understand completely what I am about to talk about in this post. And that is the dread monthly period, and how it can turn a regular day into feeling like hell and a normal woman into a crazy person! (Also, it's the day of the month my husband dreads as he gets the 'run to the shops' job, I have been told that buying ladies items is very embarrassing for a man!) 

I'm talking about period pain.

Yesterday I had what can only be described as a completely wasted day and, you know, it is very frustrating when your whole schedule is pushed to one side because you can't really do much more than sitting around in pain and feeling very sorry for yourself. 

I spent the majority of yesterday fidgeting in discomfort, my period pain is always in my lower back, and oddly my neck, and no matter what I tried I just could not get comfortable. I tried lying down on sofa, sitting up on sofa, laying in bed, I lasted a total of 10 minutes sitting at my desk before I was so uncomfortable that I had to go back to the sofa!
Last time I was in America I bought some over-the-counter medication specifically for period pain and other related symptoms, and they are fantastic at getting rid of the pain - it's really strong stuff - but the trouble is they make me so drowsy I lose a couple of hours being half asleep from it!

Isn't the whole thing just so damn inconvenient!

Anyway the whole thing made me think about the relation between period pain and writing - how when things aren't going right it starts as a little niggle and begins to get more and more uncomfortable until you begin to realise nothing is working! And that is a little of what I am going through at the moment with my current WIP.

What do you do when that niggle turns into something that can't be ignored or medicated, and the only solution seems like giving up and just doing nothing?

Should you delete the whole blasted thing and start again, or maybe take a break to get over the 'pain' and go back to it when your less frustrated, or just plough on and hope that it sorts itself out eventually? 

My answer - to both the period pain and the writing pain - is taking a break. So that's what I am doing.

Sometimes we all need to learn that stepping away from a situation that seems hopeless can solve many dilemmas and refresh our whole outlook on things. The trouble with writing (and period pain) is that when things are bad it seems that nothing can get you out of that deep pit of despair, especially when others around you don't really understand, and sometimes the only solution is a bit of rest.

What do you do when everything gets too much and doing nothing seems a much better idea?



  1. In NZ we seem to like drinking wine when everything gets too much, i'm sure it's contributing to our national weight gain?! Seriously tho... when everything gets too much I'm not really sure what I do... I'll either eat lots, cry lots and wonder WHY ME!, I surf the net, I walk, I get angry-loud, I clean, I read or I write lists...

    In terms of Pain I also couldn't do much except be uncomfortable (enter the crying here because i couldnt do anything else) ... I had what is commonly referred to as a slipped disc (even tho it's not slipped at all!) and have had two operations from it... that pain I wouldnt wish on ANYONE!

    Regarding your period pain I've heard acupuncture really helps.

  2. Definitely take a break and go back with fresh eyes. I know that feeling of not seeing the wood for the trees. I'm trying to avoid it with my current WIP by writing 3 chapters then going back to tighten them up before I get on with the next 3. Hoping that will keep me on track.

    Re the monstrous horror that is period pain - try sitting with a hot water bottle. Not very original and doesn't really stop it, but it comforts!