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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Where I work...

I grew up in an area where there are a lot of well off families, and large houses. My family was not one of them and we lived in a small three bedroom house and since there were four of us we didn't have the much coveted spare room/study that some of my school friends used to talk about. Ever since I have been an adult I have wanted, eventually, to have my very own study! When my husband and I first started looking to buy a house we were living in a modern [read: small] two bedroom flat, and the spare room doubled as a study but since it was stuffed full of books/DVD's/CD's/crap there was no room for a desk, so my one desire was to have a dedicated room that I could work in (at the time I was studying and had to keep all my text books in a cardboard box!). The house we bought, and still live, in has three bedrooms, but the third bedroom would only suit someone of borrower-size so I set my sights on that as my study! In fact it was the very first room that I decorated, and I love it!

So here it is -

Sorry, blurry photo. It was a bright day!

Sitting in front of the window is something I really like about this room. My big wall planner is this years attempt at not having to buy a diary! I like working on a laptop as I can move it easily, although this one is nearly 4 years old now, but I like it as it is a wide screen one and has a lovely big screen, it works (touch wood!) so I am loathe to replace it!

My bookcases are my favourite part of the room, I love just sitting looking at them! We have a lot of books! We have recently had a clear out, a couple of weeks prior to this photo there were stacks on the floor as well!

Any writer (and most people!) probably has a bit of an addiction to notepads and I certainly have, as well as a bit of an admitted klepto problem with post-it note pads - where I used to work they gave us packs to use at work, but they would often make their way home with me! I stack them up on the windowsill as 1, I don't know where else to put them and 2, They are within easy reach if I suddenly need them!

There are more notepads of the larger variety as well as many, many, many pens (you can never have enough!) under my desk. Note the ridiculously large Reese's mug that my husband bought but couldn't drink  anything out of because it is so big!

This box is something that I found in my parents loft when I was packing to go away to university, and my dad told me it was something he had made when he was at school, I asked if I could have it. He put a padlock latch on for me so I could keep stuff secure and I have had it with me ever since, it's a little more scratched and worn now. I keep a lot of craft stuff in it, it also doubles up as a great foot rest when I'm sitting at my desk!

My Coldplay Whatever it Takes mug is one of my favourite mugs, and it is the only mug I use when I'm at my desk! I am a creature of habit. By the way, I liked Coldplay before they commercialised the crap out of them!!

Both my husband and I are art/coffee table book lovers, we have tons of them! Damn heavy and awkward size things, but I am obsessed with them, plus they are very inspiring!

I try to aim to spend at least 3 hours everyday in my study writing or working, usually in the morning after my husband has left for work. I will often do casual writing (such as reviews, research, idea scribbles) with pen and paper sitting on the sofa in the evenings. As much as I would like to say that I write everyday, it would be a lie. But although I may not get any words down I always try to do something - be it a bit of research, or a read through etc. And always in my study! This works for me, I have high distraction levels so I find it near  impossible to work where other things are going on.

I know I am lucky to have my own space to work, I would be upset if I had to lose it (you know if 'baby' happens) but I would deal with it! The kitchen table - when I have one again - would become my new best friend until I could have my daydreamed-about garden office built!

Hope you liked the peak at my working space. 

Where (and when) do you work?



  1. Your bookshelves are SO much neater than mine. Mine are driving me insane at the moment, cos the kids keep playing lego action men in them!! Anyway thanks for the peak into your space. It's LOVELY!

  2. Lol! Thanks! Believe me a couple of weeks ago those shelves were one step away from toppling over with the amount of stuff they had crammed in them, a de-clutter is sometimes necessary - although I'm not sure what you can do about those adventurous lego men!

  3. I looooooooove your book shelves... It would be neat if you could somehow have them built in and they could go all the way across. I'm a very easy going care free person but the ONE think I must do is have my books in order and my cd's alphabetisised (sp) :) So I love how yours are also in order. The fouth row from the bottom on the left looks like you have a collection of M&B's Bad Blood books.

    I work at a desk all day in an office and i'm in the insurance industry, doing claims at the moment. Exciting stuff... (not hehehe)

  4. Tash, thanks for your comment. Yes, I would also love to have the bookshelves built across but at the time I couldn't afford it, plus it would affect the resale value if we were ever to sell (not that I can see that happening any time soon!). It's horrible when responsibility overtakes dreams, isn't it! oh, and yes you are right they are the bad blood books, but nothing here is in order, it's just tidy!

    I spent 5 years working in insurance as part of a bank, so I know where your coming from! I miss the pay, but not the job ;-)

    All the best.