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Thursday, 15 March 2012

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... Book #360

One Night in Paradise - Maisey Yates
Mills & Boon Modern
Harlequin UK, 2012
ISBN: 9780263890693

My rating

From the back cover:

"All her most exotic fantasies are about to bubble over into reality! 
Clara Davis knows the moment yes slips from her lips that she’s in way over her head. Just how is she supposed to pretend to be her boss’s fiancĂ©e on his luxury honeymoon? 
Zack Parsons’s Don’t date the staff rule has prevented him from ever seeing beyond Clara’s baker’s apron. But now he’s looking at her in a completely different, rather more tempting light. Giving in to one night of wickedness should be enough to satisfy their new-found cravings… 
Shouldn’t it?"

This is the fabulous Maisey Yates's latest.

The hero Zack has just been jilted but his best friend Clara, the heroine, notices he is a long way from being heartbroken. Zack confides in her that it had never been a love match, which he doesn't realise hurts Clara. Clara has had feelings for Zack for a while and finally begins to realise that her comfortable friendship with him is only making it more difficult to move on. However she promises to travel to Thailand, on what should have been Zack's honeymoon, to help him secure an important business deal. When they arrive and Zack tells her that they need to pretend to be a couple he doesn't understand Clara's angry, almost hurt reaction. But the beautiful surroundings and their time together makes them both realise that underneath their friendship is much more, including a fierce desire for one another. They indulge in their passion for one night, but the need doesn't go away when they are back in the read world. And the more time Clara has to spend pretending, the more her heart breaks.

This is a really beautiful book, definitely one of my favourites from Maisey Yates. I have always been a fan of the friends-to-lovers theme, and it is done perfectly in this book. There is some great dialogue between the hero and heroine, they bounce of each other brilliantly and the chemistry between them positively crackles.
The surroundings are vividly portrayed and really intoxicating, the perfect backdrop to the relationship. Both the hero and heroine have well thought out, 'real' issues and they are dealt with well. The writing flows beautifully, it's full of passion and fun as well as plenty of emotion and angst - I felt every one of the heroine's tiny heart breaks.

I also felt that there was more to be told about the hero's former bride-to-be, and I'm pleased that Maisey confirmed that she has her own story (will be out later in the year, called 'A Game of Vows')!

Really, really enjoyable. Recommended.


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