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Sunday, 18 March 2012

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... Book #362

Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet - Kimberly Lang
Mills & Boon Modern
Harlequin UK, 2012
ISBN: 9780263893038

My rating

From the back cover:

"The Marshalls… A rich, powerful family that mixes business, politics…and pleasure. If the US had a royal family this would be it!
The tabloids just couldn’t get enough of A-List couple hotshot producer Finn Marshall and Hollywood wild-child Caitlyn Reese. Then Caitlyn fled the glaring lights of Tinseltown, leaving an indelible mark on the Walk of Fame – and an empty seat on the back of Finn’s motorbike.
Now Cait is back! She’s still got the X-factor, and Finn is struggling to banish his X-rated thoughts! Because one thing is for sure…he isn’t just interested in a quick Hollywood retake… To interest him, it’ll have to be a full-budget epic remake…"

This is the third and final book in Kimberly Lang's 'The Marshalls' mini-series. I really enjoyed the first two books ('The Privileged and the Damned' & 'The Power and the Glory') so I have been looking forward to this book.

The heroine Caitlyn has just been cast in the hero Finn's latest movie however he is not at all happy about it. Cait and Finn were once Hollywood's hottest couple mostly knows for their wild antics, however their relationship, along with Cait's reputation, crashed and burned after one too many scandalous incidents. Cait has spent the last few years out of the limelight and rebuilding her career, but Finn is still bitter about the way Cait up and left him and refuses to believe that Cait's wild child days are over. It is clear that the desire between them is still as fierce as ever and despite all the on set politics and publicity stunts it is not long before Finn and Cait are acting on the passion. But with all the public and private history between them, as well as Cait wanting to relaunch her movie career, all they can ever have is a temporary fling. Even if their feelings for one another are much more than either of them are ready for.

I loved the subject and setting of this book and I think it is really well portrayed. The movie set setting is a great backdrop to the very intense nature of the hero and heroine's relationship, and there is a lot of honesty about some of the less exciting and less nice parts of the Hollywood lifestyle. The history between the hero and heroine is full of angst and well used without unnecessary lengthy flashbacks, this helped to cement all the tension between them.
I found the heroine's rather unpredictable mood swings and her habit of blaming the hero a little frustrating to read. But overall they worked great as a couple and there is some fantastic fun and sweet moments in their relationship.

Plenty of passion and a well written, engaging story.


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