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Monday, 16 July 2012

Book Review... Starstruck - Jane Lovering

Star Struck - Jane Lovering
Choc Lit, 2011
ISBN: 9781906931689

My rating

From the back cover:

"Our memories define us don't they? And Skye Threppel lost most of hers in a car crash that stole the lives of her best friend and fiancé. It's left scars, inside and out, which have destroyed her career and her confidence. Skye hopes a trip to the wide dusty landscapes of Nevada and a TV convention offering the chance to meet the actor she idolises will help her heal. But she bumps into mysterious Sci-fi writer Jack Whitaker first. He's a handsome contradiction cool and intense, with a wild past. Jack has enough problems already. He isn t looking for a woman with self-esteem issues and a crush on one of his leading actors. Yet he's drawn to Skye. An instant rapport soon becomes intense attraction, but Jack fears they can t have a future if Skye ever finds out about his past ... Will their memories tear them apart, or can they build new ones together?"

Not only does this book have a story centred around a Sci-fi TV show convention - something I am fascinated by - but it is also by Jane Lovering, who's last book I read I really enjoyed.

The story starts off very dark, and doesn't really change from there throughout, but the author still manages to inject some very honest and funny moments. There is something about her style that is very appealing - it flows naturally, is chock-full of dry humour, as well as very emotional.

Both the hero and heroine have stories that are deep and tragic, and their personalities are richly portrayed - I found myself equally frustrated and cheered by them. Their love-story weaved into an already full story feels real and beautiful.

Jane Lovering isn't afraid to write about some of the more unpleasant aspects of life, but does it all with wit and aplomb that makes this book sparkle.

Hard hitting but it will also make you laugh, definitely worth a read.


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