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Friday, 6 July 2012

Book Review... Unsticky - Sarra Manning

Unsticky - Sarra Manning
Headline Review, 2009
ISBN: 9780755347353

My rating

From the back cover:

"High fashion, high art, high expectations – this is Pretty Woman for the twenty-first century 
Money makes the world go round – that's what twenty-something Grace Reeves is learning. Stuck in a grind where everyone’s ahead apart from her, she’s partied out, disillusioned, and massively in debt. If she’s dumped by another rock-band wannabe, squashed by anyone else at her cut-throat fashion job, or chased by any more bailiffs, Grace suspects she’ll fall apart... 
So when older, sexy and above all, wealthy art-dealer Vaughn appears, she's intrigued against her will. Could she handle being a sugar daddy’s arm candy? 
Soon Grace is thrown into a world of money and privilege, at Vaughn’s beck and call in return for thousands of pounds in luxurious gifts, priceless clothes – and cash. She’s out of her depth. Where's the line between acting the trophy girlfriend, and selling yourself for money? And, more importantly: whatever happened to love?"

After reading 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' I knew I had to read this one - I adored that book, and loved the authors style...

And this is a brilliant book! I was hooked all the way through, literally - ask my husband, I barely spoke for the two days I spent reading it.

Sarra Manning has, in Grace, created a heroine who is both hard to like and easy to love. She seems shallow at first, but it's clear that she also some deep emotional scars that make her act that way. It makes you want to keep reading to find out why, and they are so worth it.

The premise of the relationship between Grace and Vaughan is interesting, I didn't know what to think about it at first but the author managers to draw you into a fascinating world that is oddly believable.

The book deals with a lot of issues too - abandonment, addiction, debt, etc - all of which are handled well and balanced out with some wonderful fun moments.

This is 'Chick-Lit' at it's finest, flirty and fun, as well as emotional and at times very dark.



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