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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Another year goes by ...

I apologise in advance for the shortness of this post, I have a meeting to go to in an hour and wanted to do a quick post.

So what's up? You may ask...

Well today is my birthday, I am 27 years old (please ignore that very loud ticking, that's just my biological clock!).

I'm not really one to celebrate my birthday so I don't have any amazing plans or anything just a nice relaxing evening with my husband after my meeting.

My husband got me some great presents, including 4 Mills and Boon books, the new Jilly Cooper book and the Sweet Valley High Confidential book (although those two are probably going to sit on the shelf for a year since my challenge TBR pile is huge!), he also got me some jewellery. I came down stairs this morning to find them all on the floor by the front door as though they were posted, he knows how much I love getting post, haha! It was very sweet of him.

Anyway since it's my birthday I'm feeling all happy so best wishes to everyone out there!


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