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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The tale of too many books ...

Any of you who reads this blog regularly and/or follows me on twitter(not including you darling [husband] since you must read this by law!) may be aware that I have recently been on holiday to New York City! I have only mentioned it, like, a couple of thousand times! I will get round to posting some of my photos very soon.
I love going on holiday in the US and New York in particular as it is one of the coolest cities in the world. I had already decided that while in the US I would indulge myself by purchasing a couple of books from the many Harlequin lines available over there.
Well, a couple turned into a few, a few turned into a bunch, and not long after a bunch turned into LOADS! There was just so much choice that I actually got way too excited and ended up buying so many books that it became a bit of an obsession, "how many" I hear you ask, well you'll find out soon!

I was a bit naughty and took some photo's of the selections on offer in a couple of the bookstores I went in (they always tell me off when I try to take photos so I had to do it stealthily!)

These ones are from Barnes and Noble Union Square, quite a big selection!

Barnes and Noble Fifth Avenue

Half of the selection in Borders Madison Square Garden (an assistant was lurking so I couldn't take a photo of the other half!)

I bought the books in bunches, we went to some of the same areas more than once and I somehow ended back in the bookstores, and by the end of the week those bunches had, er, bred!

I can't be bothered to type the title of every single one I bought so I'll just post the photos I took of each bunch! (If the title is unclear and you want to know what it is just email me!)

1st bunch

2nd bunch, my husband bought these for me from a bookstore he found in Grand Central Terminal called Posmanbooks. Sorry for the blurry photo here!

3rd bunch

4th bunch (can you tell the quantity is starting to grow!)

5th bunch

6th bunch

7th bunch. We found this pre-owned book shop near Times Square called Book Off that had loads of Harlequin books for 1$ each! A DOLLAR EACH! As chief shopping bag carrier I think my husband breathed a sigh of relief when I managed to restrain myself to 12!

8th. Another one bought by my husband, he found it in a random convenience store, CVS I think.

9th bunch

10th bunch. These were bought on our last day, Borders had a 'buy 4 and get 5th free' offer so, of course, I had to make the most of it!!

And that's it. Have you been keeping count? No? I didn't think so, the total is 72!
It's official, I'm both a book and shopping addict!

I can't wait to start reading them all, they look beautiful on my bookshelf. Some of the lines we don't get here in the UK so I really wanted to try and be diverse as possible. I was really pleased with the American Romance titles and the one from the Love Inspired line, which I have been dying to get hold off!

Now, if you excuse me I have some research to do on shopping addiction...


  1. My book shopping resembles yours except I go digital so my husband can't count them. I do, however, miss the smell of a new book.

  2. Haha!
    I love digital books too, but there is a nice tactile nature to print books that could never be replaced!
    Thanks for the comment.