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Friday, 11 November 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #215

Stormwatch - Dixie Browning
Silhouette Desire
Silhouette Books, 1985
ISBN: 9780373486540

My rating

From the back cover:

But Willy Silverthorne Faulkner had kept on going-now sadly widowed, but still possessing that same lazy, loose-jointed walk that drove men wild. Her independent life on the Carolina coast suited her languid leanings just fine.
Then into her life of ease dropped Bainbridge Scott. Angry, surly and rude, Bain was like a bear with a wounded paw, lashing out at anyone who ventured too close. But Willy refused to be baited. Somehow he'd found his way into her heart. His rare and sudden smiles ignited her, telling her that this was love ...but Willy, of all people, knew how devastating love could be."

This is another of the really old Desire's that I found second hand.

The hero Bain has rented out the heroine Willy's island cottage for some rest after he was seriously injured during an undercover operation. He takes out his frustration and surliness on Willy but she is not bothers but it and her very relaxed nature soon helps him relax. Willy finds herself drawn to Bain, and tries to help him as much as she can, which is sometimes met with Bain's irritation. Spending time with Bain makes Willy realise how lonely she has been in the last few years since her husband passed away. But as much as she enjoys being with Bain, she struggles to let herself go enough to give in to the passion between them. Bain realises that he is falling for Willy and, just as she helped him, vows to help her love again.

I found this book a little odd at first, especially when it comes to the authors way of describing (apparently the heroine walks as though she has "ball bearings in every joint", now I don't know about you but the mental image I get from that is very odd!). But the book is enjoyable, with a slightly different plot and it is interesting. I especially liked the heroine, she is written with a nice blend of sadness and looseness that works really well in the story. The very gradual nature of the relationship is fantastic, it adds a nice flow to the book.
I felt like I knew the two characters and was really cheering them on to find their HEA. Oh and in case you were wondering, the heroine's name is short for Wilhelmina, phew!


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