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Monday, 14 November 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #222

The Argentine's Price - Maisey Yates
Mills & Boon Modern
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263887082

My rating

From the back cover:

"It's time for the housekeeper's son to collect his dues...
Lazaro Marino will stop at nothing to reach the top. He's climbed his way out of poverty, but there's still one thing that's been denied him: entry into the highest echelons of society. And blue-blooded heiress Vanessa Pickett is the key to unlocking the door to all that he desires...
With her business in crisis, Vanessa is desperate. A marriage proposal of the utmost convenience will give both Lazaro and Vanessa everything they need...But, for Vanessa, this deal with the devil comes with a startling price..."

The fabulous Maisey Yates sent me a copy of this book after I commented on her website, thank you so much Maisey!

The heroine Vanessa confronts the hero Lazero after discovering he has been buying stocks in her families struggling business, of which she is CEO. Vanessa and Lazero had a brief fling twelve years ago, as teenagers, that ended badly after Vanessa thought he was using her and Lazero ended up beaten and cast out by Vanessa's father. Lazero has risen to a very powerful level but he does not have the respect from the upper class that he craves, he offers Vanessa the chance to save her company if she marries him. Vanessa has always known that she would one day have to marry well, even though she dreamed of marrying for love, so she agrees to marry Lazero. But as much as she wants to give in to the passion between her and Lazero she tries to keep her head and keep everything on the cold blooded business level that their agreement is. Until Lazero takes her to Argentina and shows her the passion they missed out on twelve years ago. But back in the real world they continue on the way they were before and while Lazero gains the acceptance into high society that he believes he wants, Vanessa begins to realise how much she has missed out on in her life by always doing what was expected of her. And, she also realises that no matter how close they become Lazero will never love her.

I really enjoyed this book, it makes great use of some very traditional Modern/Presents themes, yet with a distinct Maisey Yates sparkle. I like that while this book is about revenge it's not your usual I-have-been-plotting-for-the-last-Xyears-and-now-I-have-you-in-my-grasp thing, instead the hero spots an opportune moment and decides to make the most out of it. Phew, big cliché avoided! Lazero is the perfect alpha-male hero but doesn't have that cruel edge, granted he is dominant and knows what he wants, but he's not a dick about it! Vanessa is different to what I expected, she's less fiery more sad and lonely, but this works perfectly with the whole atmosphere of the story. I really felt like I knew these two characters and wanted them them to work it out.
Different from Maisey's other books is that there is less of her usual snappy dialogue, which I personally missed but I don't think the story is any less enjoyable without it. There is a lot of brooding from both characters, which creates a very sombre feel that is actually quite enjoyable. The writing is very evocative and pulls you into the story. There is plenty of passion too, and that's always good!

A great read.


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