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Thursday, 22 December 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #250

The Mistress Deception - Susan Napier
Harlequin Presents
Harlequin, 2000
ISBN: 9780373121113

My rating

From the back cover:

"When Rachel offered to help Matthew Riordan undress after a party, her intentions were purely innocent. She'd been trying to avoid a scandal--instead she found herself being blackmailed!
Yet Matthew oozed sex appeal; he didn't need to blackmail Rachel into his bed! But they'd clashed over a business deal... Was Matthew planning to make Rachel his mistress simply out of revenge?"

This is another Susan Napier book that apparently pushed boundaries, so I thought I would give it a go. 

The hero Matt receives photograph's showing himself and the heroine Rachel in what looks like a compromising position. He initially thinks they are from Rachel in an attempt to blackmail him into giving her security company a contract. He sends them back to Rachel but she thinks that he is trying to blackmail her. She was only trying to help Matt when the turned up drunk at a party, then tried to hit on her, she has no idea where the photos came from. When she and Matt confront each other they realise that the photos came from a third party. To try and counteract any effect they may have, Matt announces their engagement and Rachel is livid about it. Matt admits that he has feelings for her and he helps Rachel through some difficult times, and they grow closer. When the desire between them finally erupts, Matt's revelations have a profound effect on Rachel. 

This book certainly does defy conventions, and is thoroughly enjoyable. The hero and heroine are so different from the usual romance types; from the hero wearing glasses to the heroine being taller than the hero. I know these are little things, but they make this book feel very fresh. Both the hero and heroine have backgrounds that are quite shocking and handled beautifully by the author. The hero has a little secret that is so brave of Susan Napier!
There is a lot of chemistry between the characters, a really juicy story, an amazing twist that makes this a fabulous read. 



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