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Saturday, 7 January 2012

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... Book #272

Footprints in the Snow - Cassie Miles
Mills & Boon Intrigue
Harlequin Mills & Boon, 2007
ISBN: 9780263859256

My rating

From the back cover:

"It was a powerful Rocky Mountain blizzard that caught scientist Shana Parisi unawares and threw her into the arms of a mysterious man in uniform. Luke Rawlins rescued her from danger, but it was the mesmerizing look in his eyes that captured her heart...and forged their destiny. 
Luke knew bringing the beautiful Shana home posed a threat to his secrets, but a foreign enemy was hot on their trail and Shana's snowy footprints were all they needed to track her down. Once entrenched in his world, Luke urged her to remain silent about what she saw. Because the alternative could be deadly..."

It has been a long timer since my last Intrigue.

The heroine Shana is caught in a blizzard while out skiing, after falling and hitting her head she wakes up in a small mountain cabin. The hero Luke found and rescued her, however they are both confused over each others mannerisms. Shana is shocked, and a little bemused when Luke informs her that the year is 1945. So despite finding Luke devastatingly attractive she decides he must be crazy, and she leaves the the safety of the cabin to go back to her hotel. However, when she comes to the gates of a military base that should no longer be there she begin to believe that she has, somehow, time travelled. Before she has a chance to even think about it she is caught and accused of being a spy, but is once again rescued by Luke and taken into the base. There Shana meets the physicist Enrico Fermi and realises he is there doing research for the Manhattan Project. Fearing her time travel may result in the past being altered, Shana helps to make sure the project carries on by offering her skills as a geologist. During this time she and Luke begin to grow closer, and when a threat against the project becomes serious, they work together to try and eliminate it.

Paranormal-type books are not really my thing so I wouldn't have normally chosen this book. Annoyingly the blurb does not give any indication of the time travel bit, so I felt a little mislead. But I am glad I read it, as I found it quite interesting. The plot is a little, well a lot, implausible (and I'm not talking about time travel here) and quite predictable and I think it doesn't quite live up to what this could be. I think, perhaps, the plot/subject is a little too ambitious for category fiction. I really enjoyed reading all the history and information given by the author, she has certainly done her research. Which is great, but I was reading a romance book, not a non-fiction book. There isn't enough of the hero and heroine as characters or the actual romance included to really believe the relationship, which is a shame. I liked the HEA, but was totally confused by the time travel thing and how the HEA was possible.

I had a few ethical issues around the heroine constantly saying how important the Manhattan Project is/was... but I guess to have it otherwise would be even more ambitious, plus all those space/time continuum issues! Always the hippy!

This is an intriguing book; interesting to read but disappointing on a few levels.


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