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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... Book #291

Just One Look - Mary McBride
Silhouette Intimate Moments
Silhouette Books, 1999
ISBN: 9780373079667
Reissue - Harlequin Treasury, 2011
eISBN: 9781459259171

My rating

From the back cover:

One look at the rugged, denim-clad, 100% man in her doorway told Sara Campbell she wasn't dead yet—only dreaming. She'd met detective Joe Decker just yesterday, when he'd scooped her off the pavement after the South Side Ripper had tried to kill her, and held her hand until she woke up. Now he was back to protect her, because Sara, all alone in her mansion, was the only living witness to the maniac's face. But she couldn't remember that face! And that meant she was in danger, with only this one man to keep her safe. But even if he kept the maniac from harming her, what would happen to the heart that was already his?"

This is another book I got from the Harlequin ebook store.

The heroine Sara is driving home when her car is hit and she is attacked and knocked unconscious. When she wakes up in the hospital she finds the hero Joe, a detective, sitting by her bed side. Joe informs Sara that she was attacked by a serial killer and her action of pulling away his ski mask before she was hit means she is the only surviving person to have seen his face. Unfortunately for Joe, Sara can't remember anything, she also refuses to go into protective custody admitting she suffers from agoraphobia. Joe is frustrated by Sara's lack of cooperation and he is initially insensitive towards her problem. But he is determined to catch the killer and protect Sara, so he virtually moves in with her. As he gets to know her he begins to fall for the strong woman that she is underneath her fears. But with the threat against them never far away, Joe knows he can't act on his feelings fearing his guard will drop and the worst could happen.

I enjoyed the book, it is well written and interesting, with plenty of spark in the central relationship. I liked that the suspense plot didn't overshadow the romance, but it was no less exciting. The hero is a good character; very 'normal' and his crankiness was quite amusing! I was intrigued by the idea of the agoraphobia heroine, but it didn't work for me. It seemed rather half-hearted - the heroine actually went out quite a bit but a true agoraphobic would not be able to leave their safe place.
There wasn't really an explanation of motive for the culprit, it just didn't make sense. Oh, and the culprit was pretty obvious from early on in the book.

But the author's writing style is funny and flows nice, and this is an enjoyably oldie!


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