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Friday, 27 January 2012

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... Book #301

Adam's Law - Claudia Jameson
Mills & Boon Romance
Mills & Boon, 1986
ISBN: 9780263754315

My rating

From the back cover:

"Kate's life was in tatters. Once a top London Model - now her face was scarred and her self-confidence broken. She was more than glad to hide herself away on picturesque Guernsey, as the guest of her lovable scatterbrained Aunt Dolly. Kate had envisaged a peaceful, isolated convalescence - she hadn't bargained for Adam. She found him devastating - how could anyone be so deliberately and persistently cruel? Could she endure him for long enough to discover the sweet and loving characteristics that her aunt insisted he possessed? It seemed unlikely."

Another oldie from my bookshelf.

The heroine Kate travels to Guernsey to stay with her aunt in order to rest and recover from her recent car accident. Kate is feeling very delicate emotionally, trying to come to terms with the fact that her face is badly scarred and her modelling career may be over. For the first few days of her stay all Kate does in mope around feeling sorry for herself, and this infuriates her aunt's stepson Adam, the hero. Adam regularly tells Kate what he thinks about her behaviour and doesn't pull any punches, at first this upsets Kate but she soon begins to fight back. Adam spends time with Kate pushing her out of her comfort zone and making her do things. They grow closer and closer and as Kate's confidence returns she falls for Adam. But she is regularly left confused over Adam's rather hot and cold attitude towards her. When the time comes for Kate to return to her life, she knows she has Adam to thank for her recovery but she is left heartbroken by Adam's sudden scorn.

This is a difficult review to write as on a couple of levels I really liked this book, but the details really let it down. I felt sympathy for the heroine and her issues over her scarred face, but at first it was made out as though the scars were really bad, and permanent, but then she had plastic surgery (once) and they completely disappeared... this is confusing as surely they couldn't have been as bad to start with?! The hero and heroine had a lot of chemistry, and I enjoyed reading how the hero constantly pushed the heroine and helped her face her problems in a 'tough love' sort of way. No POV from hero so his rather up and down moods were difficult to understand.
I didn't like the pacing of the book, the time scale moved so fas that there was hardly any room for depth.

The plot idea is good, but unfortunately the execution is not so great.


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