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Thursday, 19 January 2012

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... Book #292

Carrying the Rancher's Heir - Charlene Sands
Mills & Boon Desire 2-in-1
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263890853

My rating

From the back cover:

"The passionate, impulsive evening Tagg Worth had spent in the arms of brown-eyed beauty Callie Sullivan was madness. Visions of their tryst still haunted him, but their one-night stand was a mistake the wealthy rancher swore he would not repeat. Hawk Sullivan's daughter was strictly off-limits—especially since Hawk's main goal in life was to put Tagg out of business. 
Then, suddenly, there was a baby on the way. His baby. Tagg vowed to do the right thing, no matter what it cost him. But his inconvenient new bride tempted his solitary heart down a path a Worth didn't dare follow…."

I bought this book a couple of months back but couldn't motivate myself to read it, I'm not sure why!

The hero Tagg and the heroine Callie spent an unforgettable night together a few weeks back, that in Tagg's opinion should never have happened. Callie is the daughter of his family's biggest rival, and they could never be together - for that reason and the fact that Tagg will never love another woman, after his late wife died. Although he has tried to forget her he has found it difficult and it gets even more difficult when Callie begins working at his family's ranch. Callie has always been a little bit in love with Tagg, but her father's over-protectiveness and plain dislike for Tagg and his family has always stopped her from approaching. Her one wild night with Tagg has left her pregnant and she decides to go after what she wants - her, Tagg, and their baby as a family. Tagg can't deny his fierce desire for Callie and they soon reignite their affair. But when Tagg finds out about the baby he insists they marry but makes it clear that he will never give Callie his heart.

I enjoyed this book, there is plenty of chemistry between the hero and heroine, as well as an interesting, well written story. The hero's grief for his late wife is very poignant and handled well, but I do feel that he hadn't fully gotten over it and this took a little bit of shine away from the central relationship. The heroine is a nice character; very gentle and reasonable.
I loved the setting, it is very vividly described and I felt a real sense of place.

This is a nice story.


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