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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #137

Trouble on Tour - Kay Thorpe
Mills and Boon Romance
Mills and Boon, 1991
ISBN: 9780263770322

My rating

From the back cover:

"Reece Harland didn't behave like a typical member of a coach party. So it wasn't all that much of a surprise to Lisa to discover that he was there on behalf of the new management to check that everything was running smoothly. He wasn't interested in the delights of the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas. But he made it all too clear that Lisa had caught his attention! Did he see her as just another employee - and a temporary one at that? And what was she to make of a man who told her 'I've never met a woman capable of measuring up to my requirements'?"

So another oldie that I found on my bookshelf. In case you were wondering, all these books on my challenge are new reads, so I haven't read them before. I have a lot of older books on my shelves as I always look out for them at second hand bookstalls/charity shops. This is a good book.

The heroine Lisa is spending time in America with her friend and gets a last minute job offer as a tour guide (she previously did this job in Europe) for a coach trip around the Golden West. On the tour is the hero Reece, whom just happens to be the same infuriating man she was involved in a car crash with a few days back. As the gets under way Lisa wonders why Reece is on the trip since he is not the usual type of passenger. He is young, suave and handsome plus he is on his own, whereas the rest are families or older couples. She finds out he is actually tour management, checking up on the operation of the tours the company provides. Reece seems to pay her a lot of attention, which Lisa is uncomfortable with, and she also has to deal with the unwelcome advance from her co-tour guide. Reece convinces Lisa to spend time with him and they soon begin to fall in love and Lisa hopes for a future with him.

I quite enjoyed this book. The plot is relatively simple and there isn't too many overly dramatic black moments. I really enjoyed the tenderness between the characters and the courting element of the relationship. The descriptions of some of the places visited were wonderful, I really would love to experience them for myself! I was a little confused over the other tour guide's desire to ruin the relationship between the hero and heroine, I couldn't really see his motives and I do think that some parts of the book are a little under developed. Also... I have to say it, it was a bloody coach trip! I just couldn't take it seriously, it's too dated and all I can think of are those awful excursions for OAP's and that god-awful 'Coach Trip' TV program!

Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading this book even if it was a tad dated!


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