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Thursday, 25 August 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #156

Finn's Pregnant Bride - Sharon Kendrick
Mills and Boon Modern
Reprinted in 'Pregnant Proposals' Mills and Boon By Request
Harlequin Mills and Boon, 2007
ISBN: 9780263855272

My rating

From the back cover:

"Catherine Walker is on vacation in Greece, where she meets gorgeous Irish property tycoon Finn Delaney. Their strong mutual attraction leads them to a night of mad, passionate love.
Then Catherine learns she is pregnant! She tells Finn the truth, and they embark on a marriage of convenience for the baby's sake. But what happens to the simmering passion that drew them together in the first place? Can they resist the temptation, or will they risk it all for a real marriage?"

This is the second book in the By request omnibus, as above. I was looking forward to reading this one, I am a big fan of Sharon Kendrick's books both old and new. And I really liked this one.

The heroine Catherine is on holiday alone after her long term relationship ended, where she meets Finn, the hero. They have dinner and spend the next morning together where they both feel a connection. When Catherine returns home she realises that she wants to see Finn again so, encouraged by her editor to write a story on Dublin for her magazine, she travels to Dublin and gets in contact with him. Finn is surprised to but pleased to hear from Catherine as she has been on his mind since the holiday. He shows her around Dublin and they have a great time together and it's no surprise that they end up in bed. When Catherine returns home she innocently blurts the truth of her weekend fling to her editor who then goes on to write a rather scandalous article about Finn based on what Catherine told her. Finn is very angry about the article and confronts Catherine, she is also devastated about it. Naturally things end badly and they hope never to see one another again, however Catherine is forced to approach Finn again when she discovers she is pregnant. Finn, surprisingly, takes the news well and proposes that they marry, but he makes it clear that it will be a marriage for the baby's sake.

I enjoyed this book from the very first page, Sharon Kendrick has a real talent for drawing you in with a tantalising start that leaves you wanting more. The pace of the story is absolutely perfect and really helps in the development of the relationship. I liked both of the characters; Catherine is smart and independant and in no way vapid. One of the things I like most about Sharon Kendrick's books is that her heroines are never written as unreasonable or over emotional women (or silly for want of a better word!) and this is something that really appeals to me. Finn is also a wonderful hero, complex enough to make you curious but not so much that he has the word 'issues' stamped all over him.

This is an interesting story with a fantastic flow and a beautifully written romance that is very satisfying to read.


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