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Sunday, 14 August 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #142

Law of Attraction - Penny Jordan
Penny Jordan: Collector's Edition #35
Harlequin Mills and Boon, 1998
ISBN: 9780263808667

My rating

From the back cover:

"Falling for the boss
Charlotte had lost her business and her self-esteem; working for someone else again wasn't going to be easy. From running her own company she had to learn to take orders again. And the man who was calling the shots was successful, dynamic Daniel Jefferson, who always got it right.
It was hardly surprising that Charlotte should resent Daniel: the contrast between their two careers was so great. What was surprising was that she found herself not only respecting him and admiring him, but even faling for him! The question was, could the boss ever fall for her?"

Another oldie... I read the re-issue book but this one was originally published in 1992. I quite liked it.

The heroine Charlotte is about to start at a new job, and she is feeling somewhat dejected by the recent events in her life. Due to recession she has had to close her own law firm, sell her apartment and her fiancé left her. The hero Daniel is one of the senior partners at the new firm she is working at and has had quite a lot of success in some high profile cases. Charlotte is envious of his success and decides not to like him, so she is shocked to find out she will be working directly with him. Due to her own feelings of failure she is unsure of her ability and thinks that Daniel doesn't trust her. As they spend time together Charlotte begins to change her opinion of him and they grow closer with Daniel expressing his growing feelings towards her. But Charlotte's ever growing insecurities and Daniel's secrets are stopping them from taking their relationship further.

I quite liked this book, when I say 'quite' I mean that at times I wasn't sure if I liked it and others I was. It was difficult to fully grasp as Charlotte's self doubt and insecurities were constantly described that it became so frustrating. Had she have been a real person then there would have been a serious emotional problem there, in my opinion. What saves this book is the hero Daniel, for once in a romance novel we actually have a hero who is upfront about his feelings first and very noble. This book would be greatly improved by including his point of view. I have noticed that in a lot of the older books I have been reviewing recently that there is very rarely narrative from the male character's point of view.
The pace and flow of this book is rather slow and boring. But the story itself is interesting and the love-story is really nice.

Not a bad book.


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