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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #145

Wife in Public - Emma Darcy
Harlequin Presents
Harlequin, 2011
ISBN: 9780373129775

N.B. The above details relate to the North American release of this book.

My rating

From the back cover:

"Billionaire Jordan Powell is a regular favorite of Sydney's newspaper gossip pages—there's always a new photo of him…with a new woman on his arm!
So, used to women falling at his feet, he finds the challenge of seducing farm girl Ivy Thornton—more comfortable in her overalls than designer outfits—a diverting amusement. His reward: sinful pleasure!
But for Ivy, being the latest in a line of Jordan's disposable conquests isn't a role she's willing to accept..."

Moving on with another Presents, this is one I bough from New York. I have read only one of Emma Darcy's books in the past and was looking forward to reading this one.

The heroine Ivy runs a successful rose farm where the hero Jordan often places his orders for roses for his many lovers. Ivy has also had personal experience of Jordan when she met him at one of her mother's exhibitions and he made it clear he was interested in her. Ivy is not interested in getting involved with a shameless playboy and is happy living out in the country. However she meets him again and they are immediately attracted to one another and they end up spending the night together. Ivy leaves the next morning knowing that there is no future for them. Jordan is shocked by how much he desires Ivy and desperately wants to get to know her more, however she left before he had chance to ask her. He pursues her ruthlessly and Ivy eventually succumbs to his charm and they begin seeing each other regularly. They become very close and eventually fall in love, but Ivy is hurt by the fact that Jordan seems to be hiding her from his social circle while Jordan doesn't want anything to ruin their happiness.

This is quite an enjoyable book, and well written. However, I think the book started off really strong, it was interesting and quite original, then it just simply lost it's way. The meeting and initial relationship between the hero and heroine is fantastic and really had me hooked. Then when the conflict issues are introduced it's too predictable and the proposal/I-love-you-moment is done way too late and completely out of the blue. The title and blurb is rather misleading as well.

Overall, this is a quick and enjoyable read, but not great.


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