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Thursday, 25 August 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #158

Rebel With a Cause - Leigh Michaels
Mills and Boon Romance
Mills and Boon, 1987
ISBN: 9780263757927

My rating

From the back cover:

"All Fultonsville was going wild about Brett Hilliard, the dynamic factory owner whose chocolate business was about to revitalise the little midwestern town's ailing economy. But Rebel Barclay mistrusted his assurances - he was too good at leading people astray. She couldn't convince her friends and neighbours that their hero might not be as trustworthy as he seemed, so she had to find another way to fight him - in front of the TV cameras. The only snag was that she found herself beginning to understand what people saw in Brett Hilliard!"

Last weekend my husband went out on a bike ride, he came back a few hours later looking rather weighed down. It turns out he found a second hand book stall on his travels, with many old romance books... He bought me 45! Yes, 45! No wonder he looked exhausted. This is one of those books.

The heroine Rebecca hosts a popular current affairs radio show in her small home town and she is known for her almost controversial views, which inspired her nickname Rebel. She interviews the hero Brett about his plans to move his business to their town, Rebecca is cautious about the plans as she feels that the town is shelling out a lot and that it could all end up a disaster for the town if the company pulls out. Her on air challenges to Brett cause tension within her family, he father is the mayor and spearheading the proposal. Brett, however, doesn't seem phased by her investigation and offers her the chance to find out more. It doesn't escape Rebecca's notice that Brett also seems interested in her, although she tries to discourage him. Not only does he fluster and frustrate her but she also doesn't trust him, and she's also aware of her attraction to him despite the fact that she has just got engaged. Pressures from her fiancé's critical family and from her job cause her to start feeling like she has made a mistake. When Brett invites her to Chicago for the weekend she realises her initial mistrust of him was wrong and that she desires him as much as he makes it clear he does her.

I really loved this book, for an older one I was really blown away by it. I adored the character of Rebecca (and not just because she is my namesake!). I loved her ambition and the fact that she realises her mistakes, and admits to them, as the story progresses. She is written with a fantastic mix of spunk and vulnerability. The dialogue and verbal sparring between the hero and heroine is amazing, so witty and humorous, I actually laughed out loud at times. The whole book is written fantastically and the relationship develops perfectly. The ONLY thing I want to complain about is that, once again in an older book, we don't get the point of view from the hero. I really wanted it!

Overall, this is a brilliant book. This has recently been re-released in ebook form so it's easier to get hold of. I would recommend it.


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