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Friday, 14 October 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #190

Fiancée for One Night - Trish Morey
Mills & Boon Modern
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263886795

My rating

From the back cover:

"Old passions never die...
Leo Zamos persuades his virtual PA Eve Carmichael to act as his fake fiancee at a business dinner. Thinking he's never met her before, Leo assumes that Eve's appearance will be as neat and professional as the work she's so efficiently performed for him. But soon he realises how wrong he's been! With her soft curves, and lips that beg to be kissed, Eve is every bit as tempting as her namesake...
Eve has accepted Leo's commission reluctantly - how can she, a single mum, refuse the fee he's offering her? But will he recognise her as the girl he once briefly met and for whom he felt a simmering attraction?
When Eve sees Leo again, she knows that the one-evening masquerade she's signed up for is about to become a whole passionate night...in his bed..."

Back to another book from the Modern line...

The hero Leo is about to close a very important business deal, but needs to show one of the partners that he is a settles man. Leo has never wanted marriage or commitment after his traumatic childhood, so he asks his virtual PA Evelyn, the heroine, to act as his fake fiancée. Eve reluctantly agrees hoping that Leo does not recognise her from a moment a few years back when they almost spend the night together until Leo was called away on business. He does remember her, eventually, and they spend the night together and are both shocked by the level of their desire for one another. They agree it's only for one night. However when they are asked to go away with the business partners for more negotiations they agree to make the most of their time together. Eve is afraid of getting hurt again but the more time she and Leo spend together the deeper her feelings for him become. Leo's feelings for Even also grow, but he fears he will hurt her so he has no choice but to push her away.

This is an enjoyable read. Both characters are interesting and well developed. Leo is an intriguing hero,; very dark at times and nice at others, he walked a fine line between niceness and selfishness. Eve is a great heroine, very smart and confident as well as caring, just what you want from the modern day heroine. I really liked the virtual PA idea and the businessman who is always travelling so he has no home idea, they are both nice twists on the usual office romance boss/PA theme.
As expected, Trish Morey's writing flows beautifully and the chemistry between her characters literally sizzles.

A quick and enjoyable read.


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