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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #186

On the First Night of Christmas... - Heidi Rice
Mills & Boon RIVA
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263884012

My rating

From the back cover:

"Cassie’s tips for the Perfect Christmas Fling!
1. ’Tis the season to be daring: Find the perfect Mr Right Now (extra points for a bad-boy-turned-billionaire) and be brave about getting him – even if that means jumping straight into sexy Jace Ryan’s car!
2. Enjoy the ride: Once you’ve chosen your flingee, get swept away by the moment! For once, Cassie’s determined to stop worrying about the future. But she must remember one thing...
3. This fling is just for Christmas: Jace Ryan’s a seasonal special. Do not start falling for him, Cassie. No matter how perfect the package or how much you’ve enjoyed unwrapping it..."

When I started reading this book I was feeling pretty smug. Not only had I met the fabulous Heidi Rice the week before and been lucky enough to have her take the time to give me some brilliant feedback and comments on my New Voices entry (link), but she was also incredibly kind and sent me a copy of this, her latest book. You understand why I'm smug, right?! Anyway, about this book...

The heroine Cassie has had a rough year, so when she gets splashed by some idiot in a Mercedes she decides enough is enough and gets in the car to give the driver a piece of her mind. However the driver turns out to be her one-time teenage crush and the resident bad boy of her high school 'Jace the Ace'! Jace is intrigued by Cassie and takes her back to his hotel to help her get cleaned up, as well as the chance to get a little closer to her. Jace is in London to sort out some business and personal problems, but being back reminds him too much of his traumatic childhood. He hopes to convince Cassie to have some fun with him, something he desperately needs, until he leaves. Cassie agrees to a fling as she too needs to bring a little fun back into her life. The passion that erupts between them over the Christmas period surprises them both with it's intensity, and Jace and Cassie soon find themselves getting closer and closer.

What a scorcher of a book, seriously! But it is also very deep and emotional, at times I was actually holding my breath to find out the character's reactions. Jace is such a great hero; a true bad boy, which I love, but also with a hint of vulnerability and pain. Cassie is literally THE PERFECT HEROINE! She's so feisty and fun, yet also very sweet. As usual Heidi Rice's characters sparkle, and the glittering dialogue between them is fantastic and helps the story flow beautifully. I really like the simplicity of the romance, there's no clich├ęs or well used tropes here, and it is made that extra bit special by Heidi's brilliantly sassy writing, and a few Christmas metaphors thrown in to really make it dazzle!

I adored this book. It had me close to tears one moment, laughing out loud another moment, and fanning myself at a few other moments!

Thanks again, Heidi. For both sending me this book, and for writing it!

Thoroughly recommended.


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  1. Love Heidi's books! I look forward to reading this one.