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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #182

Italian Doctor, No Strings Attached - Kate Hardy
Mills & Boon Medical
Harlequin UK, 2011
ISBN: 9780263886061

My rating

From the back cover:

"Dare Sydney dream of saying 'I do'?
The attraction between A&E doctors Marco Ranieri and Sydney Collins is instantaneous - and becomes a magical whirlwind affair, sweeping from London to sun-drenched Italy. It was supposed to be a strictly no-strings-attached affair - but one tiny unexpected consequence has changed all the rules. They've got nine months - and counting! - but will Marco ever be ready to get down on one knee...?"

I have spoken before on this blog about medical based romances not really being my thing. However, I really like Kate Hardy's Modern books so thought I would give her latest Medical a try.

The heroine Sydney meets the hero Marco when he helps her conquer her fear and complete a charity abseil down the hospital building. There is an immediate spark between them, but when Sydeny discovers Marco is the new registrar for the E.D. she is also a doctor in she thinkgs there can't be anything between them. However Marco doesn't agree and asks Sydney out and to starting seeing him on a 'lets see where this goes' basis. At first Sydney is reluctant to get in too deep; she is still deeply hurt by the breakdown of her marraige as well as afraid of Marco's reaction to her medical condition. Marco is also wary of relationships as he is still carrying greif and guilt over the death of his wife. He hasn't allowed himself to feel anything deep for a woman since, so he is surprised by his need for Sydney. As their relationship progresses their feelings for one another grow, but their hapiness is threatened when Sydney discovers she is pregnant. Both of them want the baby and to be together, however Sydney's fears over her medical condition and Marco's greif stand in their way.

This is a hard review for me to write. At times I enjoyed this and at others I didn't like it at all. Obviously this is very much a book that goes with your personal likes/dislikes. I personally have never really enjoyed medical romances and this one didn't really gel for me. However I have no doubt that fans of the Medical line will most likely adore it.
The romance itself is very sweet and beautifully written. I liked both the hero and heroine, Kate Hardy really made me feel for them and their struggles. The pace of the book sometimes feels a little disjointed, everything seems to blend together with very few story 'breaks' that I found a little confusing. But I was absorbed into Sydney and Marco's journey and it's a wonderfully crafted love-story. A little too sappy at times, but that's just me!

One last note, don't be swayed by the blurb - it's a little misleading!

Oh, and does anyone else think that the guy on the cover looks a little like the guy (I don't know his name) from the TV show 'Grey's Anatomy'?!!


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