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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #189

One Reckless Moment - Jeanne Allan
Mills & Boon Romance
Mills & Boon, 1988
ISBN: 9780263761542

My rating

From the back cover:

"From birth she'd been Maggie the dependable one, Maggie the sensible, who never took risks or did the unexpected. Until for the first time in her life she acted on impulse and ended up snowed in with a handsome, enigmatic stranger. Nick Peters was attractive, intelligent - and dangerous! But Maggie could handle the situation. After all, when the snow melted, she'd never see him again...would she?"

I have been reading a lot of the more recent books lately, so I thought I would witch it up a little by reading an oldie!

The heroine Maggie is on her way to Aspen on a whim as she is fed up with always being sensible. When she unexpectedly gets caught in a snow storm she is rescued by Nick, the hero. Nick lets her stay with him in his cabin while the storm is still going. There is an instant attraction between them, and they also become friends. However, Maggie has never been with a man so is nervous and ends things before they go too far. Fearing Nick's anger she flees the next morning and attempts to forget him. Six months later Maggie is shocked to learn that her brother, whom she raised after her parents death, has been stealing from the company he works for. Maggie goes to see the owner with hope to convince him to go easy on her brother but she is surprised, and a little nervous, when the owners turns out to be Nick. Nick agrees to go easy on her brother on the condition that she marry him. Maggie reluctantly agrees and when she moves away with her new husband she slowly begins to fall for him. Yet she also feels torn between loyalty to her husband and to her family, as well as feeling out of place in Nick's world especially when it seems like he will never love her.

I really enjoyed this book. To me, it felt very modern. It could easily have been written in the last few years, and the fact that it was actually written over twenty years ago is very impressive. Nick is the perfect modern day alpha-male and is well written and developed, although as usual with an older book we don't get his point of view. Maggie is a really nice heroine, I liked her lost-but-confident manner and she wasn't too doormat-y! Very appealing.

The book is well written and has a nice blend of simmering sexual tension and genuine romance.


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