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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Book Review... Babies in Waiting - Rosie Fiore

Babies in Waiting - Rosie Fiore
Quercus, 2012
ISBN: 9780857389589

My rating

From the back cover:

"Meet Louise, 38, Toni, 26, and Gemma, 18. 
They are all expecting babies in September. And they are all discovering that impending motherhood is more than a little overwhelming. Finding their way onto an online forum, they discover fellowship, friendship, way too much information - and ultimately one another. 
Meeting in real life, they set out to face the highs, lows, secrets and revelations of pregnancy and the first months of motherhood together. But one of the women is keeping a secret that will test their friendship to its very core..."

I got this book out from the library after seeing it reviewed on the Novelicious Website (link).

I have to say that although I found the beginning a bit shaky I ended up really enjoying this book. It has a nice mix of the fun moments of the kind you would want and expect from 'chick lit' as well as some brutal honesty.

The three heroines are really well portrayed by the author, and their personalities opinions and experiences are nicely woven together. I got a little frustrated with the 18 year old Gemma, I feel that she came across more 16 than 18, a little too immature for my liking, but it did suit her spoilt-rich-girl background.

These three women all make mistakes along the way and the author isn't afraid to make them pay for them/ I particularly enjoyed Louise's story, especially her finding new love despite her difficult situation.

The changing of narrative style between each heroine is an interesting tool, at first it felt a little jarring, but once I got used to it it really helped to keep each story separate in my mind.

I really enjoy reading 'journey' stories and that is certainly what these three women go on. Both together and individually.

This is a lovely book, I liked it.


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