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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Writing on Wednesday... What's in a name?

From the title of this blog post you probably think that I'm talking about names for characters, but I'm not.

In actual fact I'm talking about my name. Or more precisely my pen name, my nom de plume, my pseudonym, my alter ego, etc.

I don't have one at the moment, and recently I have begun to think that perhaps I a) would like one, and b) probably should have one. At the moment I tend to just use my initials online as I value my online privacy, but going forwards especially if (WHEN, not if!) I get published I'm going to need to promote myself, and I kinda need a name for that!

I actually like my name, or my first name anyway, but I also have the problem that there is already a writer/journalist out there with the same name, and my maiden name is the shared with a County and Western singer in America - not that I have a problem with sharing after all it is unlikely that a name could ever be truly unique.

But how do you go about choosing a pen name, or deciding if you should have one?

Is it a bit like that game you used to play in high school where you would determine your porn star name by the name of your first pet then your mothers maiden name, or was it your street name?

Or is it a chance to finally call yourself that name you were desperate to be called as a child, 'cause no doubt you thought your parents choice for your name was rubbish?

Perhaps you may pay homage to your favourite fictional character? Or honour a relative?

Maybe you keep your first name, or last, or use your middle name, go back to your maiden name...?

I'm quite confused, there is just so much to think about, and I constantly worry that I will chose the wrong one - what if I grow to hate it?

And then there is also the question of, well why not keep your own name? After all it is your own work.

I would love to know how you went about choosing your own pen name, or if you decided not to bother and why?

Help me! I'm a girl with no name...


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