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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Book Review... Baby's First Homecoming - Cathy McDavid

Baby's First Homecoming - Cathy McDavid
Harlequin American Romance
Harlequin, 2012
ISBN: 9780373754014

My rating

From the back cover:

"Giving away her baby for adoption was the second biggest mistake of Sierra Powell's life. But after a miraculous turn of events, she is reunited with her toddler son and they return to Arizona. Too bad Sierra's first mistake is waiting for her there—Clay Duvall, a much too charming cowboy. And onetime love of her life. 
Clay is not about to let go of the opportunity to raise his flesh and blood. He proposes co-parenting—meaning Sierra and Jamie have to move close to him. Real close, as in onto his property. As far as Sierra's concerned, he has no say in her son's life; Clay was the one who walked out on their relationship. 
Will the sparks between Clay and Sierra set off the formerly feuding Powell and Duvall clans…or will they rekindle an old passion?"

I bought this book a while back with the intention of reading it during my 365books challenge, but never actually got round to it.

This is a nice and sweet romance and exactly what I like, and want, from the American Romance line. But it's not perfect, there are a few elements to this book that just don't work.

I feel that the hero didn't make up for what he had done - sleeping with the heroine then running back to his ex and marrying her, never once thinking about what effect this had on the heroine. It didn't seem like he was actually sorry for the hurt he caused her, nor do I think he was actually 'over' his ex wife. I don't usually mind books where there has been other relationships that intrude on the central one, but there has to be enough reason and, for want of a better phrase, grovelling to make me accept it.

This book explores the difficult subjects of adoption (from the birth parents side), depression, and separation anxiety. I think the author handles them well, I especially liked the inclusion of counselling rather than relying on the whole 'love solves everything' idea.

Overall this is a nice read with an interesting theme.


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