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Monday, 11 June 2012

Come on England!

It seem's to have been overshadowed this year, what with The Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the upcoming Olympics, but now Euro 2012 is well and truly on it's way.

I relish International football tournament time - it's the only time I get to truly control the TV remote! I am a huge football fan, have been all my life, so this next 30 days is going to keep me entertained.

So far there have been some good, boring, and just OK games. The highlights have been Russia beating Czech Republic 4-1, a surprise victory! And Ireland getting beaten 3-1 by far-superior Croatia last night.

Less exciting games have been a 1-all draw between Italy and Span - the two greatest teams in the world, I expected a lot more. And, a lacklustre Germany only just beating Portugal.

But tonight... It's the big one, our first game.

England v France

I'm as nervous as I am excited, but I truly believe in the team and wish Roy and the boys all the best.

Usually when a football tournament is upon us the build up goes on for months, so much so that by the time the England are about to kick their first ball there is not only the usual pressure of winning a match but also got the whole country, including the wolves of the press, leaning heavily on them, expectation high, and waiting to either cheer or throw them to the lions.

Perhaps with the focus on other events recently, that will go in England's favour... Or perhaps the injection of a new manager and a new mindset will be the key to cracking the code that is England's international team.

Who knows, but one thing is for sure that that tonight, at 5pm kick off, the country will wait with bated breath for that magic thing that is the beautiful game to begin...

Sing it with me...

I'm England til I die,
I'm England til I die, 
I know I am, 
I'm sure I am,
I'm England til I die. 


  1. Dinner was rescheduled last night to fit in with the DH's viewing plan! He seems pleased with the draw and is proclaiming his T-shirt to be 'lucky' so Roy has nothing to worry about!

    1. LOL! All I had time for last night was to shove a pizza in the oven at half time and my DH had to be on oven patrol!

      The draw is a good thing, make sure your DH continues to wear that shirt! (I never wear shirts on game days, silly superstition going back years!) But I did paint my nails with St. Georges cross's on them, now I can't take it off.