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Monday, 25 June 2012

P is for Penalties... and D is for Disappointment...

Well, that's it folks!

England are out of Euro 2012...

You know what? I wouldn't have actually minded this fact - after all this is very much a rebuilt England squad that haven't really had chance to gel - and I was certainly not expecting them to go on to win the competition even if my heart secretly hoped for it, most of us didn't even expect them to get past the group stages anyway.

But WHY did they have to lose on penalties...


I actually found myself wishing that Italy would just get it over with and put the damn ball in the back of the net. Perhaps it's an even more bitter pill to swallow that England were playing against a, let's be honest, very lacklustre Italian performance.

All I can say is if England played like that against a poor Italy, then Germany, waiting in the next round, would have destroyed them.

So, disappointed? Yes.

Surprised? No

Annoyed that it was penalties that defeated England again? Most definitely.

Some players in the team really showed just how brilliant they are (I'm looking at you John Terry - even though you're a w*nker!) and some showed us that they simply can't play well for England even if they are thought to be the second coming, I mention no names (Rooney).

HOWEVER, regardless of last nights performance, they are still England and they still deserve our support. I have great faith that eventually we will win something, we just need to keep cheering on our lads.

And perhaps we'll even win a penalty shoot-out one day... I can dream right?

Oh, and don't pelt me with tomatoes but I want Germany to win now!

Bring on Brazil 2014!


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