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Monday, 13 August 2012

Review... Girl From Mars - Julie Cohen

Girl From Mars - Julie Cohen
Little Black Dress, 2011
ISBN: 9780755341399

My rating

From the back cover:

"I, Philomena Desdemona Brown, do solemnly swear to forsake all romantic relationships...
It's not like the vow, made by Fil and her three nerdy male best friends, seemed much of a big deal at the time. Frankly, Fil wouldn't know romance if it hit her in the face, and with her real love being her artist job at Girl from Mars, the comic whose heroine has never had a love interest, she doesn't exactly mind being relationship-free anyway. Until her world is rocked to its core when one of her long-standing quartet and Girl from Mars herself both unexpectedly fall in love. Is it time to give in to temptation and finally fall in love?"

Oh, what a wonderful book! Just what I needed to distract myself on a day when I had the house full of builders making lots of noise!

Julie Cohen is a brilliant storyteller and she really shows it in this book. She captures the thoughts and feelings of her heroine perfectly, and takes her on a journey that had me absorbed right from the start.

The descriptions of the comic book art, and how the heroine creates it, are described with such rich and vividness, I could really visualise it.   

The characters are normal people, as well as slight oddballs, and very relatable in a story that is more than believable.

The love-story is, sigh, built up beautifully and full of ups and downs. The heroine is shy, awkward, and into things most people would find geeky and weird, which makes the book even more endearing, and the author seems to relish writing her.

So many different emotions are explored in the story and it ends up feeling magical. I simply adored it!


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