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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Review... Love & Freedom - Sue Moorcroft

Love & Freedom - Sue Moorcroft
Choc Lit, 2011
ISBN: 9781906931667

My rating

From the back cover:

"New start, new love.
That's what Honor Sontag needs after her life falls apart, leaving her reputation in tatters and her head all over the place. So she flees her native America and heads for Brighton, England. Honor's hoping for a much-deserved break and the chance to find the mother who abandoned her as a baby. What she gets is an entanglement with a mysterious male whose family seems to have a finger in every pot in town. Martyn Mayfair has sworn off women with strings attached, but is irresistibly drawn to Honor, the American who keeps popping up in his life. All he wants is an uncomplicated relationship built on honesty, but Honor's past threatens to undermine everything. Then secrets about her mother start to spill out ... Honor has to make an agonising choice. Will she live up to her dutiful name and please others? Or will she choose freedom?
From the bestselling author of Starting Over, this novel has great charm and a cast of unforgettable characters."

Another really great book from Choc Lit and Sue Moorcroft.

The blurb and the beginning of the book really whets your appetite and makes you want to keep reading. From the word go I was desperate to find out what it was that the heroine was running from.

I loved reading all the interactions between the hero and heroine, there is plenty of spark and lots of great dialogue. I felt the hero and heroine clicked right from the start, they were both searching for something more in their lives and recognised this in each other. Oh, and a hero who is a male model? Yes please!

The only thing I found a little frustrating is that this book has a slightly unhinged/stalker-esque ex plot... as do the previous two books I have read by this author. While this part of the story is very well written and works well with the story I feel that I wanted something a little different in this book, but as I said it works.

The love story between the hero and heroine builds beautifully; it's sweet and deep and feels natural. One thing I like about this author is that her characters are normal people, with flaws and everything.

Superb writing, the story flows easily and had me absorbed all the way through, worth every minute spent reading it. Very enjoyable. 


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