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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #1

Share the Darkness - Jill Monroe
Mills and Boon Blaze
Harlequin Mills and Boon 2009
ISBN: 9780263871722

My rating

From the back cover:

"Soaring heat, deepening darkness, unstoppable desire!
On the run from a man who wants her dead, Hannah's learned to keep to herself. She's always felt safe in the dark, the perfect hiding place.
Then she met Ward Cassidy.
Being around her sexy co-worker has awakened a need she'd forgotten. But Hannah's afraid to get too close to this deeply gorgeous FBI agent - until a heatwave engulfs the city and a blackout traps the pair for one long, lustful night.
Now determined Ward won't let their attraction die and Hannah has nowhere left to hide."

So, I started my book challenge with a blaze novel, I really like the blaze series it's one of my favourites (second only to the Modern series!). I always find the books take a very modern perspective of relationships, think Sex and the City, yes I know they contain quite heavy sex scenes that sometimes make even me cringe (that's you 'His Christmas Fantasy' by Jennifer LeBrecque!), but they are enjoyable reads.

I borrowed this book from my local library, I initially picked the book as I thought the cover was good. I know, I know, never judge a book by its cover, blah blah blah! Usually the blaze covers are the only thing that I find a bit off putting about the series! But this cover looked both sexy and classy, oh what a difference a black and white photo makes, haha!

Anyway, enough of the cover, the story itself I found enjoyable, the premise was good as well!
The setting was good, the descriptions of the humidity of the area were really detailed, I could really immerse myself and feel the tension surrounding the characters.

The female character, Hannah, is in the Witness Protection program after testifying against her former lover who was a mob boss. The male character, Ward, is an undercover FBI agent looking for someone stealing government money. As the story progresses, Ward is convinced Hannah is the criminal he's looking for, yet he is deeply attracted to her. They get trapped together in a lift after the powercut where they become closer, Hannah is nervous as about this as she has not been able to become close to anyone since entering WP. When afore mentioned mob boss/former lover escapes from prison, Hannah is transferred to a safe house, with a suspicious Ward following.

Compared to other blaze books I have read, the sex scenes were definitely more mild, but they were certainly steamy and I found the level of passion about right!

The main problems I had with this story is that it does not contain as much 'action' as I thought there would be, when Hannah is discovered by her former lover/mob boss/escaped prisoner the situation is wrapped up in a couple of pages, leaving it a bit of a let down, especially since 1 page late the book is finished. Also Ward is very hard to understand, he spends his time moaning about not wanting commitment or relationships etc, yet he gets annoyed with Hannah for not spending the night with him and saying she is using him, seems a little hypocritical to me!

Overall I enjoyed this book, but unfortunately it didn't live up to it's synopsis.


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