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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

365 books in 365 days Challenge ... book #11 Husbands review!

So, I mentioned in my review of 'Cupcake and Killer Heels' by Heidi Rice, that as part of a bet between my husband and I, he would read Cupcakes and review it and I would read a book of his.

As it turned out, he LOVED it! He read the book in under 3 hours, and has promised never to scoff at my love of reading romances again!

Here is the review he kindly wrote (oh and his rating rather than being stars is hot dogs, I can only presume it's because he loves hot dogs!)

I read this as a recommendation for my first dip into romance, and I have to say I could not put it down! In total it took me 2 hrs to read the book, which is a first for me(only interrupted by sleep!)
The characters drew me in immediately, Callum being the chiseled, powerful man we all look to be (someday!) and Ruby the wild, curvy temptress with a love for food. The story was fast paced, and flowed like a great romantic movie, with lots of attention to location and settings.
A woman who loves to cook and have sex is a great female character to read about! (much like my own wife!) and I was drawn along at every step of the way.
I enjoyed the honest, internal monologues from both characters views, and was pleased to see that the sex was very much upfront and in your face, but done in such a way that there was genuine passion underneath the euphemisms.

A great read from start to finish - well done.

4.5 hot dogs

Well, there you have it! Me thinks there is a new romance novel fan in this household!

Oh and those who are interested, the book I have to read is 'Gone to New York' by Ian Frazier. I'm quite looking forward to it!


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