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Friday, 18 March 2011

Quick update ...

This is just a quick update on all things I talk about on this blog.

First of all, lets talk about the 365 book challenge; That will be starting tomorrow, however I doubt I will be able to post about the books until early next week. So please watch out for that

My husband asked me why I was doing this, and the answer I gave him was that I just love reading! I will be updating with the books I have read this week later on today.

I have recently come across the website Read All Day where the author read a book a day for a whole year between Oct 08 and Oct 09, this was really inspiring! I certainly admire her, as not only did she read all those books, she also wrote a review for every single one of them, as well as the fact that all the books were longer and more in depth than the lighthearted romance novels I am reading! It's a great website, she has also written her own memoir of the time which is due to be published soon! It's worth having a visit to the website!

In other news, my weight loss seems to have picked up again, and I am super pleased! I have started to notice the difference in the fit of my clothes, my Mother-in-law bought me a dress a week and a half ago and I went to put it on yesterday but I could not keep it in place over my chest! Every time I leaned forward my entire decolletage including breasts and bra were exposed, definitely not appropriate for a family visit! LOL! So, that dress is on the adjustment pile, luckily I am good at sewing, I can imagine (or at least hope) that the pile is only going to get bigger!

Most of the book's I have been reading at the moment are from the library, I am desperatly trying to save as much money as possible for my New York City trip in April, and (as you may have guessed) buying a book a day is going to eat into that money! Of course some of that saved money will be used to splurge on some books in NYC that are not available over here!

That's all at the moment.


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